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A pulp in your teeth becomes infected due to deep tooth decay, leading to severe pain. Two methods can solve the pain: one is tooth extraction, which should be the last resort, and the second one is a root canal. In root canal treatment, this infected pulp is extracted, which makes your teeth free from infection and reduces pain. So, it is an effective way to treat tooth pain. 

However, there are certain things that you must know while going for the root canal procedure, and therefore, in this article, we will discuss those essential things. If you are facing any toothache problem in Richmond, you can go for root canal treatment in Richmond with experienced doctors. 

What is a Root Canal Treatment? 

A root canal is an endodontic treatment dealing with the tooth’s pulp. Under the tooth’s hard enamel, there is a hollow center filled with pulp. This pulp comprises a mass of blood vessels and delicate nerves and connects with the tissues that nourish the tooth’s hard tissue. When this pulp gets infected, it creates a sensation and pain in your tooth, which is sometimes unbearable. 

The pulp is infected when the enamel is cracked, which exposes the pulp and hence causes inflammation to the root. The exposure can be due to tooth decay or any other accident. 

What is the Procedure for Root Canal? 

  • The dentist uses local anesthesia to start with the numbing process in the area near the tooth. 
  • Once the area is numbed, they will start emptying the pulp within the tooth. According to doctors, if this infected mass is left untreated, it can form a cavity and abscess. 
  • Once the pulp is removed, the hollow area is cleaned and sanitized to eliminate all the infected tissues. 
  • The hollow area is then filled with fillings, which are made of a rubber-like substance. 
  • Lastly, a temporary crown is placed on top of the tooth to protect it, and later, a permanent crown will be placed on the tooth. 

How Painful is Root Canal Procedure? 

If you are going for a root canal procedure, you must know that local anesthesia is used. Therefore, due to this anesthesia, there is numbness during the process, so you don’t feel pain. However, once the anesthesia effect is reduced, you can feel mild sensitivity, but it is very mild, which is not very serious. If facing other issues after the root canal, you must consult a doctor for better treatment. 

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