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A healthy and beautiful smile is a hallmark of good facial aesthetics. It enhances your overall personality and makes you look young. But certain factors can steal away the zeal and spark from your smile that negatively impacts your appearance. Fortunately, with the advent of modern dentistry, such challenges can be overcome with great ease, through Lumineers! 

The cosmetic dentist in Downtown Chicago offers premium quality Lumineers that are highly durable with long-lasting results. These laminates provide a sparkling smile and revitalize your overall appearance. 

A comprehensive guide to Lumineers

Lumineers is one of the most popular and extensively used brands of dental veneers with a cascade of benefits to offer you. These are ultra-thin laminates measuring 0.3 mm in diameter, that are tooth-colored and bond easily to the tooth surface. These aesthetic shells offer an excellent fit, durability, and longevity. 

Indications for Lumineers 

Lumineers are usually indicated for the following dental issues: 

  • Moderately stained or discolored teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Teeth diastema (unwanted gaps or space between teeth)
  • Moderately crooked teeth
  • Teeth not suitable for traditional veneers
  • Worn-out teeth due to aging, and attrition
  • Poorly aligned or misshapen teeth 

Fabricating Lumineers  

Lumineers fabrication involves a simple and painless procedure. This is what you can expect: 

During the first visit 

  • Your dentist will examine your oral cavity to assess the affected tooth. 
  • Your medical and personal history will be recorded to help the dentist identify the possible etiological factors affecting your tooth. 
  • Your dentist will remove a small amount of superficial enamel layer from the affected tooth. 
  • An appropriate shade will be chosen according to your natural teeth and preference
  • Oral impressions will be recorded to prepare a working model. 
  • The dental technician will fabricate the customized Lumineers according to your dentition. 

During the second visit 

  • The newly fabricated Lumineers will be bonded to your teeth using a suitable bonding agent. 
  • Finally, the Lumineers will be polished to prevent plaque and bacterial adherence. 

Potential benefits of Lumineers 

Lumineers are gaining immense momentum due to the following advantages. Lumineers:

  • Are non-invasive procedures (no damage to the surrounding structures or tissues)
  • Involve a painless procedure 
  • Require minimal tooth preparation
  • Are less time-consuming
  • Offer aesthetic results since they blend with the natural teeth
  • Require less material, almost the thickness of a contact lens
  • Are reversible procedures
  • Are durable and long-lasting (over 20 years)


Lumineers are excellent aesthetic solutions to correct dental imperfections that have been stealing away the spark from your smile. Consult your dentist to know if Lumineers are the right choice for you. 

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