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Aging comes with the increasing age, no one feels comfortable with this stage. As one can notice a rise in their skin problems like wrinkles, crinkles, black spots, and so much more. Thus, many people keep looking out for a procedure or method which can assist them out in getting rid of such problems. Also, your skin loses its decisiveness and flexibility. Well, medical science has come up with many treatments that can reduce the effects of aging but it cannot cure it completely. Out of all those treatments, the most prominent one is thread lift.

What is the Thread Lift Process?

A thread facelift is designed especially to end the effect of the flabbiness of age that comes to your face. Also, it is referred to as a non-surgical treatment planned to provide you a skin lift, due to which your face looks rejuvenated and fresh.

In this procedure, approximately 10-20 facial threads are inserted in the internal of your skin tissues with the help of a thin needle. At first, tension is applied to the threads so that the correction of flabbiness can be achieved. After then the threads are removed that tends to stretch itself, as an outcome, skin turns elastic and more youthful than earlier.

It is important for the patient that he/she must know about every aspect before relying on this process. Thus, Live Enhanced has come up with advantages and disadvantages.


  •         Reliable: In this procedure, a patient is not supposed to be hospitalized, as no use of anesthesia is done in this process. Suitable for both men and women. Overall it is cost-effective and painless; also it doesn’t use any kind of biocompatible materials.
  •         100% Successful and Customizable: It has been used over the years with the updated practices and evolutions accordingly. Almost 9/10 patients go home with a happy face, while it may occur in very rare cases that the patient is not satisfied. Additionally, as no anesthesia is used in this process, patients can observe the treatment live and can customize the final outcomes by simply speaking to the surgeon. Though, you get a more defined face contour.
  •         Skin Rejuvenation: Turns your saggy and wrinkled skin to firm and rested skin. You can achieve a more youthful look without using any type of biological products, all the things used in this process are thread and needle. Not only can you rejuvenate your face, but you can also rejuvenate several body parts of yours like legs, shoulders, buttocks, belly, etc. Thus, this method solves various types of problems.
  •         Applicable to All: Well, kids stay away from this process because every kid’s skin looks fresh and firm, as we grow up aging starts. People between ages 25-45 can eliminate maximum signs of aging earlier only with the help of this process, while people between ages 50-60 can rely on the same for reducing sagging and wrinkles to make the skin look fresher.     


  •         Limited Application: In comparison to other cosmetic treatments, thread lift requires a small group of people and its applications are also limited. Usually, it is attributed to aging symptoms like sagging and wrinkles, while you can’t opt for this treatment for problems like pigmentation and spots. Further, if you are looking for enhanced treatments then it may cost you additional expenses. One can refer to one of the main disadvantages of thread lift.
  •         Discomfort: After getting done with the whole procedure you might feel a bit awkward with the final outcome. As your face is now lifted and changed a bit, also you may feel very negligible numbness too.
  •         Short-term Results: The longevity of the result depends upon the type of skin you have, also on the diet you are consuming. If you are addicted to smoking and alcohol then the results may last for a few couples of days, while you are a healthy diet consumer and not addicted to any of the consumables then the results may last for a few couple of months. 

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