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Three Ways to Accessorize your Look with Bangle Bracelets

Accessorize any of your look with trendy bangles bracelets that look so sleek and modern. They have become a fashion trend lately among the fashionistas, and in today’s world, you will find multiple bloggers, influencers, and fascists, presenting & reviewing these stylish jewelry pieces. 

The modern designs of these bangle bracelets make the perfect on-the-go accessory, which instantly compliments your look and goes well with your outfit. They are perfect for ladies belonging to all age groups irrespective of their profession or fashion sense because they come in several styles and allow everyone to choose the one they like the best. 

Their versatile characteristics make them adjustable when it comes to styling. One more thing which makes them more popular is that they can be carried out with both eastern and western outfits.

This article comprises some inspirational tips that will help you style your favorite bangle bracelets and look outstanding.


  • Silver bangle bracelets


They are the best to go to choice for a casual chic look. If you want a sleek touch to your dressing, stack up somewhere polished silver bangle bracelets. They go well with Eastern dresses as well as a pair of jeans and a simple top.

 You can add a pair of heels on the classic shoes with them addressed down with fleets or sneakers for a more comfortable look. A single statement ring with a stone compliments silver bangles very well, so do not hesitate to accessorize your outfit with it to complete the overall look.

Based on the design of your bangles, you can achieve different looks. For example, you can go with plain bangle bracelets or add some chunky bracelets in between them. You can also opt for all silver or adding 1 or 2 gold or other colored bracelets to match them with the top or the pants.


  • Boho inspired bangles


They are the best choice for the summer. Boho bangles are a must-have to add color and a super fresh and comfy look to your dress. It is better if you mix and match the colors with your dress and opt for an animal inspired or over-accessorized look because summer dresses are usually simple and do not contain much embroidery.

 You can enhance the look by adding one or two statement rings with stones to complete the look.


  • Elongated cuff bangles


They are something remarkable to wear. You can go for plain elongated cuff bangles for the ones embellished with crystals and other elements. This style is excellent if you want to have only one piece of bangle but look different at the same time. Based on their design and appearance you can choose them similar to your dress or in combination with it.

They are very easy to style because you do not need to add any other piece of jewelry with them, like an extra bracelet or a ring or necklace to complement the look. They look wale western dresses most of the time.

We hope that these tips on how to style the bangle bracelets will help you a lot next time you are up to wearing bangle bracelets to inspire others.

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