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Photography Tips For Amateur Photographers

There are countless tutorials and online lessons on how to become a pro photographer. However, as any real pro will tell you, it takes more than just online lessons and tutorials to take the perfect shot. You’ll need practice, and more practice until you become experienced at capturing that great shot.

A good photo is worth a thousand words, remember that?  A good photo captures not just the object in front of the lenses, but also creates the desired feel/mood. Here at 69 drops studio, we pride ourselves of having pro photographers who’re capable of taking award-winning shots and images. Below, we have compiled some essential tips for every aspiring photographer. Whether you’re into photography as a hobby or as a career, these tips will come in handy;

  1.  Hold your camera properly; have you ever watched a YouTube video and the video was annoying due to the shaking and constant movements? Holding your camera correctly helps reduce unnecessary shaking. It also makes you get the perfect grip, meaning you won’t tire quickly. Seeing that photography is such a delicate task, you should cease from any movements; no movements means no camera is shaking. It makes much sense to invest in a good tripod for your camera or Smartphone; this helps stabilize your camera during a shoot.amateur photography tips
  2. Know about lighting;the solution is to improve your lighting as much as possible. Photos taken in the dark will never miss those dark, grainy spots; the solution is to improve your lighting as much as possible using LED panel lights and many such options lighting is the most significant determinant of your photo quality. You’ve probably heard that the best time to take photos is early in the morning and late in the evening. The camera has a sensor that converts a light signal into the image you see. The aperture, shutter speed, and ISO will determine the quality of your image. A wide aperture means more light filtering in, and this enhances your depth of field. Shutter speed is measured in seconds; slow shutter speed allows more light to come in. The sensitivity of the camera sensor to light is measured in ISO units. The higher the ISO, the easier it’ll be to take images in low lighting/darker situations. Photos taken in the dark will never miss those dark, grainy spots; the solution is to improve your lighting as much as possible.
  3. Rule of thirds; it is easy to tell a photo taken by an amateur and a pro. A pro will be sure to have ample headroom, side room, and balance. A beginner won’t. As a newbie photographer, you need to divide all subjects into thirds mentally. Think of two horizontal lines and two vertical lines; you’ll have nine imaginary boxes. Now, frame your object to fit in within those boxes, the inner box/should accommodate most of the subject. The outer edges of the object should never spread past the external boxes; everything has to be accommodated within. This is the one technique most photographers use to balance their images and ensure that all the details are captured in detail.
  4.  Altering your perspectives; long before tripods and camera dollies came into existence, photographers would kneel, step on raised objects, and make all manner of moves to get the perfect shot. Well, any pro photographer will tell you how important it is to take photos from different vantage points; the same object may look different when shot from different angles. The three ingredients needed when you’re altering your perspective include your elevation, distance from the subject, and the angle you decide to take the shot. Elevation means being closer or further from the ground, and the distance means how far the subject is, while the angle could mean taking the photo from sideways, above, or directly ahead.

photography tips for amateurs

  • It takes a combination of passion, experience, the right camera, and an element of luck to capture that perfect, award-winning photograph.
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