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Undoubtedly the best hoards you can do for your home or workplace is the installation of a new roof. But you must have enough knowledge about the roof installation and the things to do beforehand the installation process begins. You have to complete the pre-installation tasks on your own to make sure that the further process will be done as much efficient as possible. The following tips will help you to prepare your premises for the roof installation before the arrival of the roofers. The LOA Construction’s offering
offer the installation of the new roof according to the dimensions and the location of your home to ensure the roofers Glasgow remains intact for the long term.

  • Confirm access to the roof

Complete access is required by the roofing contractors for the installation process. A wide space is required around the premises to make sure the clean removal of the old roof and replaced by the new one professionally. Before the arrival of the professional roofer crew, it is necessary to clean all the sideways and driveway so that all the outdoor valuables can be saved from the debris and filth produces during the whole process.

It’s better to remove all the items from your sideways and move all the vehicles from the driveways. For easy and timely cleaning, the crew mostly place their waste bin in the driveway. The roof is not insulated so the granules from shingles and adjoining nails will drop down and can hit your vehicle if it remains there in the driveway. These granules will be accumulated on your car’s windscreen or the dashboard which will cause ripping off the paint when you try to wipe them away. During the whole process, it’s recommended to place your car on the street nearby to avoid any damage. Likewise, it is a wise move to transfer all your valuables from your patio to the garage or cover them up with plastic sheets during the installation of the roof.

  • Take away valuables from the Loft

The professional roof contractors try their best to minimize the debris and dust during the process of roof installation, but the complete guard cannot be maintained. So, if you have any valuable items stored in your loft then it’s better to transfer them to some safe place rather than leave them there to be filled with all filth.

  • Indoor preparation

Roof installation comes under heavy construction that may cause strong vibration to your whole home and may shift photo frames or mirrors on the walls. Such vibrating movements can cause your wall decorations to fall, so it is always recommended to remove them before the installation process starts. The top floor is highly vulnerable to vibration so take extra caution to save your valuable items.

  • Outdoor preparation

Once the installation is done, a complete cleaning process is usually carried out by the professional roofing experts but to make sure that things are going in the right direction for smooth cleaning, you must take some extra measures like shortening the length of grass in your garden so that nails dropped from the roof must not be trapped in there. You must talk to your cable operator to remove the satellite for a while during the process of roof installation to avoid any damage to the equipment.

In case, you are having a garden with flowerbeds or the landscaping around your home, then it’s a good move to cover them up with any kind of plastic sheets to protect them from the waste material of roof installation. The hanging plants should also be moved away while the process of roof installation is being carried out.


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