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8 Best Indoor Jasmine Varieties to Grow At Home8 Best Indoor Jasmine Varieties to Grow At Home

Beautiful tropical blooms that thrive in warmer climates, Jasmine flowers are a great option for decorating the indoor as well as outdoor of your home. The beautiful smell of these tiny blooms can be found almost everywhere be it soaps, candles, lotions, and also teas. Jasmine flowers have a bright green, glossy foliage and like slight sunlight and relatively fertile and well-drained soil. These flowers can bloom well both indoors and outdoors and offer a mesmerizing fragrance that is loved by all. You can also send flowers to your loved ones freshly picked from your garden and they look absolutely stunning. Here are 8 different varieties of jasmine flowers that can be grown indoors without much hassle. Take a look and bring these beautiful blooms home to delight your loved ones. 

White Jasmine: The limited length of these flowers make them a great choice for indoor plants. These pink-tinged flowers bloom into a beautiful star-shape and exude a sweet yet powerful fragrance. White jasmines are very common in India and do not require much care to grow well.  These plants grow up to 6-8 feet long without regular pruning and you must keep it near a south or west-facing window.

Arabian Jasmine: With one of the most luxurious scents, these flowers are easy to recognize. These blooms are used by kings to Dukes and the plant is well-known for its beautiful blooming flowers and sweet aroma. These plant varieties grow up to 2-8 feet in height and are one of the best plants to be kept in the balcony. 

Spanish Jasmine: The plants are semi-deciduous which allows the plant to shed when new growth is coming in, making the plant easy for you to care of. This plant with beautiful blooms is known to instill aromatherapy to our indoors and are a slow grower and hence do not require that much pruning. The plant requires plenty of natural light for abundant flowers. 

 Common Jasmine: Popular as poet’s Jasmine, these vines can grow very well indoors. These flowers have an exquisite smell and get full of plenty of dainty white flowers. Ensuring that you save the plant from the harsh afternoon sun exposure and training it on a window grill could be a great idea. 

Winter Jasmine: Perfect for any home, these gorgeous yellow blooming climbers are a great choice of indoor plants. These flowers have no particular scent and are popular for its vibrant and bright blooms. The flowers bloom in late winter or early spring and are also famous as the “Flower That Welcomes Spring”. Regular pruning of these flowers will ensure their shape and save it from cold drafts of air

Madagascar Jasmine: As the name suggests, these flowers are native to Madagascar and look beautiful when trained in a hoop of wire. The flowers have a sweet scent and star-shaped tubular blooms are a beautiful sight to look at. A few hours of morning sun exposure would be great for this beautiful plant to bloom flowers. 

Star Jasmine: With its star-like white flowers emitting a sweet smell, these flowers grow quite tall and fast and regular pruning is the best way to keep them in shape. The plant is susceptible to mealy bugs and scales. It also oozes out a milky sap while pruning which may be irritating to some.

So, choose your variety of indoor Jasmine flowers and fill your interiors with these blooming beauties and their fragrant smell that will surely mesmerize one and all. You can also buy online flowers of different varieties and adorn the beauty of your interiors to another extent. 

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