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Garage Doors are opened several times a day, every day. Yet, they are often forgotten by homeowners when it comes to seasonal maintenance of their property. Checking your garage door twice or thrice a year will save you the expense of hefty repair bills. It can be quite confusing about what to really inspect when you are inspecting your garage doors. The next time you hire a Garage Door Repair Roswell to repair your door, make sure that you ask pointers on which parts you should look out for. Till then, here is a guide with tips that will help in your inspection of your home’s garage door:

1) Listen to your door

If your garage door is unhappy, it will let you know with its jerky movements and weird metal scraping sounds. If you find such an abnormal occurrence, and contact a Garage Door Repair service to make sure that the pulleys and springs are symmetrical on both the sides and are working properly.

2) Tightening of the Hardware

Garage doors operate multiple times every day. The vibrations generated by opening and closing the doors repeatedly can loosen the hardware integrated with the door and the track. You can use a wrench to tighten any loose bolts you may find upon inspection. However, if you find other hardware such as the fasteners or the brackets that are holding the garage door to the ceiling and walls, you might want to call a repairman from Garage Door Repair to look into it if repairing is not your area of expertise.

3) Tracks clearing

You have to make sure that the tracks are clean and free from any debris or dirt or rust to ensure stable functioning of the garage door. You should also check if the tracks are perfectly vertical with the help of a level. You can make small adjustments to it however, if it is in need of bigger adjustments, you should hire Garage Door Repair services for a more professional repairment.

4) Lubrication of all the moving parts

For smooth functioning of the garage door, you have to make sure that the moving parts of the door is lubricated enough. Parts like the rollers and hinges need to be sprayed with a high-quality lubricant which can  make them work as good as new ones. You can also call a serviceman from Garage Door Repair Duluth to do periodical lubrication if you cannot reach certain areas or have a busy schedule.

5) Check and Replace the Rollers

Rollers are located at the edge of the garage door and must be inspected more often than any other parts. Other than timely inspection, they must be replaced every six to seven years as they might get worn out from regular use. Rollers that are chipped, cracked or broken must be replaced immediately. However it must be kept in mind while replacing them, not to remove the roller bracket that is located on each side of the door. The bottom rollers are attached to the lift cables which stay under extreme tension at all times.

6) Cables and Pulleys

While lift cables and pulleys can be inspected by homeowners, it is advised that they do not attempt to replace them. Cables and pulleys provide the connection between the door and the spring which helps the door to lift. Hence, they are under massive tension. Attempting to handle them without the help of a professional Garage Door Repair Duluth may result in even worse complexities involving the garage door.

These were some of the basic things that you should check while your seasonal inspection of your house’s garage doors.

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