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proper machine maintenance

Plastic crushing machines are one of the crucial machines for the first step of recycling.

Most people assume that just cleaning the machinery is enough maintenance; however, this is not the case, particularly in the case of older machinery that may need some extra care and lubrication.

Despite years of revolution, plastic crushers are quite similar in design since it only has one function. There are really only a few ways you can maintain them.

Plastic crusher machine manufacturers recommend certain tips on how to maintain your machinery:


This is obvious; keeping your machinery clean presents a neat look and prevents damages like rusting. Cleaning your machinery thoroughly will also help you catch minor damages before they worsen.

One must use a mild cleaning solution as abrasive and harsh solutions will erode the metal surface of the parts. Another tip is to use a micro-fiber cloth when cleaning the machines. Rough cleaning cloths also tend to leave scratches and damage them prematurely.

While cleaning, nooks and crannies must be addressed. These areas are sensitive to dust accumulation and result in machine jamming.


This is highly important for a machine with moving parts, just like a plastic crusher. These machines use ball bearings within parts to avoid friction and overheat the machines.

Usually, grease or lubricating aerosols such as WD-40 are used. The sound is the primary sign to identify the need for lubrication in your machine. Ideally, the moving parts should run smoothly and not make any sound. However, if your machine makes an unpleasant sound, it might be time to use a lubricant.


Harsh factory conditions and rough use of machines erode their coat of paint. The colors often fade, and the paint chips away. Ideally, paint is supposed to be a protective layer on top of the actual material of the panes. Once the paint corrodes, the inside metal is susceptible to erosion. This is why it is recommended to repaint machines every 3-4 years.

The bottom line

Machine maintenance is important, and there are countless reasons why this is important. The quality of machines can dramatically affect how well it functions, which is why it must be taken care of if you intend to prolong the life of this equipment.

With proper maintenance, these machines can last a lifetime. This way, you will be saved the costs of complete replacements.

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