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The Real Upgrades You Need That Are Worth the Money

It’s safe to say that 2021 was an interesting year, and we spent a lot of it in our cars. That’s because we took the time to make simple upgrades to our car for a more enjoyable ride. If you’re looking for inspiration for your vehicle, check out this list of top 6 auto trends in 2021. From window tinting to remote start, we’ve got your wheels covered for the new year!


1. Backup Cameras to Add Extra Safety


If there’s one thing the past few years have taught us, it’s that protecting our loved ones means everything. That’s why U.S. drivers upgraded their vehicles with backup cameras in 2021. This feature saves lives, because larger vehicles have larger blind spots. When you can’t see large portions of the road behind you while you’re backing up, you might collide with something or someone.

Thankfully, backup cameras are an easy and cost effective way to see what’s behind you. You can see pets, pedestrians, and children without straining your neck or taking your eyes off the road. 


2. Get Protection From the Sun With Window Tint


Wellness was on everyone’s mind in 2021, and making a bigger effort to block the sun’s harmful rays played a big part. Window tinting installation was a major car upgrade in 2021, because you can protect yourself from the sun and customize how dark your tint is. For instance, you can choose to get crystal clear tint that blocks UV rays and improves visibility or get something darker for a sleeker look.

You don’t have to choose a traditional tint. There are metallic finishes that look incredible and smart window tint you can turn on and off at the touch of a button. Just make sure the tint you choose is street legal in your state before you hit the road.


3. Dash Cams to Film Hands-Free


When you’re on the road, you see things! Americans took a lot of road trips in 2021, and they caught a lot of sights on their dash cams. This easy upgrade allows you to film yourself or the road hands-free. That means you can film yourself performing karaoke with your friends, catch unexpected action on camera, or create content for a social media platform from the driver’s seat.

Dash cams are also a great way to add extra security to your car. Not only can you leave it on overnight to deter thieves, you can review footage when you have a car accident. This can provide valuable evidence to the police or car insurance, and help you avoid paying money out-of-pocket for repair costs.


4. Car Audio Systems for the Long Haul


Americans spent a lot of time in their cars during 2021, which is why a lot of car owners opted to get car audio installation. From tweeters to subwoofers, the sound quality in our car makes a vast difference in our drive. Audiophiles everywhere decided this was the year they would not miss a single detail of their favorite song or podcast while they commute.

Upgrading your car audio isn’t just for listening to music, it’s for quieting down the noise from the road. With a premium car audio system, you can put on soft music, and relax without having to hear annoying outside noise.


5. Stay Warm With Remote Start


The year 2021 was a year all about treating yourself. Just ask the people who installed remote start in their cars. You can finally ditch the ice scraper and say “goodbye” to long mornings cleaning frost off your vehicle, because remote start is here to keep you warm all winter long. 

Turn on your car from your window and pour yourself an extra cup of coffee. Remote saves you tons of time getting ready in the morning, and you get to head into a climate controlled car before you step out your front door. Plus, you can cool down your car in the summer to avoid hot leather seats and bare legs. 


6. Routine Maintenance to Keep You Going


With all the extra miles on the road in 2021, it’s no surprise that Americans spent a lot of money on basic maintenance for their vehicles. We needed more oil changes, tires, and everything else in between to keep our cars in optimal condition.

So, what’s next for cars in 2022? All signs point to more tech and longer hours on the road. The best thing you can do is find simple upgrades for your ride and keep your car in the best condition possible, so you can spend the next year driving in comfort and style.

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