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Trekking is a healthy sport, and you would see that people who are in their late 50s or early 20s, they are the most interested age group.  Recently, one friend visited Africa and he happened to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Like, all of you I was also wondering about the climb Kilimanjaro cost because continent Africa is one of the most exotic continents.

I have not seen many people who are interested in visiting Africa, maybe it is because of a lack of awareness. Anyhow, trekking can be fun if you have got each continent with its best trekking trails, on your target,

Trekking is art for me, you have to manage your house on your back, while you are going for trekking. In this article, I will explain what sort of things you must take care of when you are out for trekking.

Is trekking different from hiking

Many of us think that trekking and hiking are two different things, it is not the actual case. trekking is a prolonged hiking tour.

The difficulty level in hiking is quite low, moreover, the period is also very short. In hiking, you have got well-marked paths, while in trekking you can explore some new paths, rather than following the conventional ways.

In trekking, you have to stay at some places and install your camps, while in hiking your trips are very short nearly equal to a day, in trekking your trip can last for more than 4 days.

After, reading these differences about trekking and hiking, one can easily understand that for trekking he has to go through a lot of stress, so trekking is a tough activity.

1. Start Your Training

If you want to go for trekking for a longer period, as a hobby. Then you must contact a gym for helping you build your muscles; this will improve your stamina.

Your training sessions will also include running on some similar trails. This will help you in regularizing your body according to the paths.

2. Contact Some Trekking Groups

On Instagram and Facebook, you can contact various trekking groups. They will let you know about a plan.

Without a plan, you must not get for trekking.

3. Consult your Doctor

If you are suffering from some sort of disease. Then consult your doctors, prior to the trekking activity. In many cases, the doctors will appreciate this change.

4. Plan Your Food

You can not bring each kind of food or snacks with you. that is why make sure that what sort of food you would be taking up the hill. It has to be lightweight and full of energy.

Eating more protein, and fewer carbohydrates, is high recommendable, carbohydrates can make your lazy. So, try to keep nuts, fruits and dry fruits with you. you can pack some granola bars along with them.

5. Take the Accessories

You must keep a separate jacket with you and a raincoat. You never know when it gets rainy at the hill, so make sure about these accessories, one of your group members has to keep a first aid box with him. Secondly, two of you must carry thick ropes with them, in case of emergency these things will be of great help.

Similarly, each one of you has to keep a torch with them, at night torch will be the only source of light.

6. Choose the Right Shoes

You must select the right and fit shoes for going on such activities. I would recommend you to buy those shoes, before starting your training, because, during the training, your shoe will get used to those shoes, if in case you have bought new shoes, then ask the sellers to provide some materials for trekking.

Longboats can be a good option, but I will prefer having joggers. Because they are lightweight.

7. Check the Weather

Before you leave your house, try to contact the weather department of that region, this way you will be able to know the probable weather conditions, but beware that the weather conditions at the hills can vary from the plains. Lastly, tell your relatives about your plan, this can help you to rescue.



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