Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

Life is a series of joyful experiences for those who see the world in a glass-half-full kind of way. To have a continuous flow of blissful experiences, one must be physically and mentally fit. Due to the adverse effects of Covid-19 on the economy, many people are dealing with a financial crisis and cannot afford a fancy gym membership anymore. It is perfectly alright to save a few bucks and explore nature instead. Continue reading this article to find out more about how to make regular outdoor exercising an experience to remember. 

Outdoor exercising can do wonders for one’s physics if they are willing to go the extra mile. A lot of time what makes you happy is not the result but a thrilling experience. The ultimate goal is not to have a six-pack but to burn out those excess calories and have fun doing it. There are various ways to make exercising fun. 


You don’t need a yoga studio membership to practice yoga. Ancient men in India did not do hot-yoga, nor did they work under a trainer. Buy a book if you must, and start doing yoga all by yourself. 

  • Pick a quiet place for daily meditation. After a few minutes of meditation, start stretching your limbs and conduct yoga kriya
  • Maintain a daily routine for having full benefits of the postures. 
  • If you are finding some postures too hard to do, by all means, skip those yoga positions. Only experts who have agile body movements can perform some of those yoga postures. 

Outdoor Adventures:

Man is curious by nature and to fulfill his curiosity, he has travelled far. You are stuck at home for way too long, and this is the perfect time to have a little out outdoor adventure. 

  • Adventurous spirit: Mountaineering is a great way to validate your adventurous spirit. If you believe that you have what it takes to survive the wilderness, there is nothing better than going out on a trip to mountain climbing. Before embarking on such a journey, keep in mind that months of preparations and prior planning is needed. 
  • Kayaking: If you crave for a water sport, you might go for Multisport Kayaking Auckland which is a great way to get your daily dose of exercise. Kayak exercise will help build upper body muscles and also burn the unnecessary fat in your body. 
  • Daily biking: Get your bike out and hit the road. Biking daily helps the heart rates go up, making you sweat a lot. Try and ride uphill with your bike as it will push you to go further with your exercising routine. 


Exercises need not be a solo act. Group activities, such as games and sports, burn a lot of calories and are highly recommended. When deciding on a particular game, choose the one where you are not standing at one place for long. Instead of cricket, go for soccer or basketball match. Playing for a team of players will motivate you not to give up the game halfway, thus ensuring the completion of a full workout routine. 

If you think about it, there are thousands of other ways to sweat it out without having to pay a substantial amount of money to the gym every single month. If you have a pet, take them out with you daily to the local park and make a day out of it. Taking the initiative is always the hardest so set that alarm clock and get yourself determined. Let your body fall in love with the art of exercising.

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