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Whether you are maximalist or minimalist, the idea of fully naked walls might be a foreign one. And with a fine reason too, as with several wonderful bedroom walls decorating ideas to try out now, wasting bare area is missed opportunity to add character, personality, and color to this important area of your house.

You’d hang pieces that you love, that have meaning in your life – it’d be wall artwork painted by you or a family member or a sculpture designed by yourself.


You can add stickers wallpaper or just get creative with a few paint colors to stay on budget – the world is your oyster. You just need a small decorative and dreamy Design Inspiration for bedroom walls to come alive.

Use rugs instead of wall hanging

Rugs are mainly used on floors, but rugs can be used on décor walls also. Affordable and cheap rugs are available in the market in various shades and combinations of colors and designs!

Avoid hanging large and heavy size rugs that can be problematic while shifting or cleaning from one wall to other. Rugs also protect your bedroom will from your children who usually write or paint over it spoiling upper layers.

Chalkboard paint

This is a super playful method to have a wall you can switch up on a whim. Chalkboard paint currently comes in several shades, so there’re several possibilities here.

Just bear in mind to use chalk (dust-free), as chalk dust and pillowcase are never a great mix.

Wall Decals


For the most part, interesting wall decals can certainly style up any space around your home, especially for the simple reason that wall stickers are extremely versatile and practical home decoration.

Here is a tip – your walls coated in super pastel colors are not only for kid’s rooms anywhere since they show a true vibe of harmony & tranquility no matter what the bedroom is.

Hang a basket above your bed

If you’re looking for a simple way to bring some Boho vibes into your bedroom, then you certainly need some baskets to install on your bedroom wall!

In a bedroom, a black accent wall provides a negative impact that allows woven baskets above the bed to pop.

Use Other Colors to Paint in Parts

You can’t afford a painting or do not want to get bothered with the mess that occurs due to organizing the home decor  procedure.

Get a piece of free color charts from your nearest stationery shop to directly stick them on the bedroom walls. It seems beautiful as well that you can create with various combinations of colors. Though, there’re other options also available to tint your bedroom walls with the assistance of an interior design expert.



Is your bedroom not that spacious and provides a vibes of tightness? Well, adding a mirror will certainly assist you since mirrors can give more visual and light room, ultimately assisting you to be further comfortable.

Believe us if we say that one big mirror in an appealing frame on your wall can make whole the difference.

Reclaimed wood

Only weather and time could have assisted the hardwood in this space reach worn gray perfection. The elderly wide wood boards developed a barn in a previous life.

Several homeowners use one wall of wood and 3 walls covered in drywall. It balances contemporary and rustic, clean-lined and rough-hewn in your Bed Room Design.

Over to You!

So, there you’ve it – our favorite bedroom wall décor ideas that are sure to put style to your bedroom. From rugs to reclaimed wood to mirrors to hangings baskets, we hope they’re helpful on your journey to make the right space that’ll make you thrive.

Bear in mind, while you mightn’t be able to afford to purchase a new dresser, bedside table, or frame each time, you want to switch things up, you surely can afford a lick of paint or some potted paints or wall decals to make your bedroom feel like new without breaking the pocket.



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