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Cleaning your glasses several times in a day is tiring. Your relationship with your glasses is like any other: you have to give it a little love and care to make it last.

Cleaning your glasses is a daily ritual. While we tend to use whatever is useful for cleaning them, some habits may not be as useful as we think they are, and maybe even making the situation worse.

Here is an ultimate guide on how to clean your glasses to help you see clearly throughout the day. Especially during 2020 when COVID-19 has forced hundreds of people to work more in front of a screen, and with that people wearing prescription and blue light glasses for long periods has also increased.

Wash your hands

Make sure the tap water is lukewarm; hot water may damage the coating or warp the lenses. If you don’t bathe a newborn in it, it’s too hot!

Rinse your glasses

While you are rinsing your hands, take your computer glasses and rinse them lightly with a gentle water stream.

The inner (nasal) rim of spectacle lenses, where they meet the frame bridge, is a prime place to accumulate sweat and grease. Make sure you give this area a little more love. Also note that:

Metal casings with nose cushions require uncommon consideration on the arms of the nose cushions and the cushions themselves.

For plastic casings without nose cushions, clean the aspect of the scaffold that is in contact with the nose to eliminate gathered oil and sweat. After that, rinse the glasses well under the tap.

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Dry Your Glasses with A Clean Cloth

Use a clean cotton towel fresh from the dryer that has not been in contact with fabric softener or dryer sheets. You want to make sure that no residue could scratch your glasses.

You may notice small amounts of water draining from the hinges or the slit between the frame and the lens. This is not a concern and can be cleaned with the lens cloth. The glasses can even “squeak” on the frames for a few hours until the remaining water evaporates.

Clean Your Glasses

After drying, finish the lenses with the microfiber cloth and a little dampened with a commercially available lens cleaner labelled “safe for coated lenses” or breathe gently into each lens. Please make sure the lenses are not dry when cleaning them to prevent dirt or debris from crawling on the surface.

Maintain Healthy Habits

To keep your glasses clean, follow some of the tips from our experts:

You need to store your glasses in their case every time you are not wearing them. Most of the dirt on your glasses comes from wearing them on your head!

Always make sure to clean your glasses when they are wet; cleaning a dry lens only increases the chances that the cloth will drag debris and smear oil on the lens instead of picking it up.

Do not use anything that contains alcohol. Not only can this damage the lenses themselves, but it could also weaken certain types of frames.

If you are using a bottled eyeglass cleaner, make sure it is labeled “safe for coated lenses”; Some inexpensive brands may not be as suitable for your glasses’ care.

Using an ultrasonic cleaner can be an option for deep cleaning your glasses. You can find them at various opticians.

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