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All of a sudden, now it’s summer, which means that now is the time to swap some newfangled options in your board shorts drawer or replace the worn-out pair of swim board shorts that you had since your teenage pool party. Sound simple right? Well, not exactly. Now more than ever, the woman’s board shorts are buried on everybody’s shopping bags. The board shorts come in a labyrinth of colors, patterns, shapes, and a variety of different lengths to select from. Even the women who are blessed with a summer body with bones of steel and legs like Kim Kardashian have trouble choosing between what womens board shorts to wear. And then there a girl who is always on the winning side of dressing worthy of applauds. You can also make a real style choice for wrapping the classical swimsuit design with patches, bags, and a handful of towels. Yes, this really exists!

If you are thinking of not going to the market and selecting the right board shorts for your undertones, we feel your pain. Like any other piece of clothing, you can highlight your best assets with abstract board shorts that gently hide your flaw. Of course, you don’t know what are in-style and in-trends to design with your board shorts, and it’s okay. Here is what you need to know about the most dependable ways to wear women’s board shorts and hit the shores.

The Shores Are Calling Look

After spending hours sunbathing, nothing feels more necessary than putting on a look that comfortable to wear and doesn’t bother while you enjoy your pina colada. Primarily you don’t need to determine if board shorts are right for you and are designed to enhance your boarding performance. Instead, you can opt for a shores-are-calling look with federal blue colored board shorts paired with navy colored women’s Terry Polo. The slightly gradient style of blue switching from Navy to Federal blue is exactly what you need to intensify your beach-crazy look. Save your enthusiasm because both pieces of clothes are comfortable and surf stretch. The blue-colored womens board shorts give you something extra in form of a modern cut, curved waistband, and classical Birdwell signatures. The front flap pocket and tab closure can become your besties when wearing this comfortable polo shirt. The polo shirt is crafted with a woman’s body in mind to create a more women-friendly look. The chic line perfectly comprehends with federal blue colored board shorts. The stretch option that keeps your t-shirt years alive can be a more conventional fit to enhance your bust and hips area. With this new go-to beach outfit, there is nowhere under the sun you can wear this outfit too.


This overwhelming outfit calls out the new to the experienced surfer because this shores-are-calling look suits everyone. Depending on what you plan to do in the seawater, the beach accessories you choose can be offbeat. For example, you may want to try wearing a Birdwell single fin hat in navy color to enhance your blue to go outfit. The reason why you should choose the Birdwell single friendly hat is because of its durability and built-in ventilation that doesn’t salt your hair out. Flip through wearing some whisper sandals to make your summer trip full of sportiveness. If you are going to you have your swimming party all along don’t forget to endure on an apple watch.

Feel Younger Dress

If you are willing to ice around and have fun at the beach, looking younger might be a suitable option. In the past women had to purchase men’s style and try to alter them to create a younger look for themselves. But now you can style younger while wearing a camo colored board shorts paired with white women’s Birdwell T-shirt. You can buy a size up for these board shorts to look slimmer and more juvenile than ever. The white color of this woman’s white T-shirt is known to flatter your beautification while making you look younger when you pair this dress on your Beach party day. This stretchable and softy fabricated outfit gives a hard competition to your friend wearing uncomfortable t-shirts that keep slipping and absorbing so much water. The cotton beach t-shirt is now flooding the market because of its simplicity and the way it blends with any of the board shorts. While wearing this fresher outfit, you can expect to look pristine, and it might enhance your look and love for the womens board shorts.


The main key takeaways for wearing this younger apparel is that you can wear a size up to loosely hang around your body. However, if you have steel abs, opt for a luminous colored barefoot water sports show as an element of surprise to this outfit. To balance your white and camo loo, hold onto a Noah X Birdwell tote & gear bag – blue paisley with all the space in the world to add your beach essentials, so you don’t have to worry about losing your items at the beach spot.

Yours Truly Clay Crush

Blend glowing outfit that’s compatible with your skin just like a Scorpio is with Taurus. Mix a cumbersome frog skin camo colored board shorts with red-colored women’s Terry Polo to look more becoming. Get touched when wearing this bold and blended outfit that encourages more to have fun on the beach. The red women’s terry polo is admittedly a very bold color to challenge everyone to not bat their eyelashes when moving past you. Maintain your flattering women’s look and triplicate to shape your bust, waist, and sexy love handles. Compliment with the bold style and able-bodied woman look with this frog skin camo that perfectly anchors with your sunny Beach outfit.


It’s not a surprise that this stretchable outfit can easily blend with anybody’s undertone, even if you are fair or highly tanned. This outfit is exemplary for covering up your entire body when you are lounging in the summer sun. For adding the spiciest look to your outfit,  score on the state flag patch of the California republic with pride.

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