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Right Drug And Alcohol Rehab Center

Finding a good rehab can be harder than you might think. Yes,Yes, there are thousands of programs throughout the country that can help with accountability and recovery, but if you look a little deeper, you will see that there are very few long-term rehabs, yet they are much more successful than outpatient programs or short-term facilities. Upon further inspection, you will also find that there are different types of rehabs. Some can actually be damaging, such as those that tell addicts they are diseased for life, that it’s not their fault when they relapse and that they also try and put them on more drugs. This method of treatment that is widely used is the main reason why relapse rates are so high for traditional programs.

Right Drug And Alcohol Rehab Center

Successful drugs and alcohol recovery plans are not only longer than a month, but they also work to help former addicts put their addictions and associated behaviors behind them forever. These programs do not place people on replacement drugs to treat the symptoms but instead work with people on an individual basis to help locate the underlying reasons why they started taking drugs in the first place and assist them in finding alternative solutions to problems that are faced in life. 

Another important factor in preventing relapse is for the rehab program to have a thorough discharge planning process and follow-up method. The discharge plan is where people assess different areas of life and set goals for improving them after they leave the rehab facility. This includes being active in support groups where they live, such as work, sports, church, civic groups, and/or activities with other parents and kids. The point is that it doesn’t have to be a specific addiction recovery support group, but something positive and productive that feels rewarding and doesn’t have the temptations of using alcohol or drugs. The follow-up counseling aspect can be done over the phone with qualified personnel from the rehab program.

Truly successful drugs and alcohol recovery centers are not always nearby and may require some travel. So, the key to finding the right treatment program is to first define what you are looking for in a facility. Some factors to consider are as follows:

Treatment Method

Do you want something that is disease-based and expects relapse to occur, or are you in search of a program that expects results and can demonstrate success?


While many people often search for treatment programs nearby, it is often a good idea to consider something not in your own backyard to create more of a separation from the drug-using environment and to place the main focus on the treatment.


Some treatment centers charge an enormous amount of money (more than 50K per month), but there are extremely successful facilities that cost only a fraction of that, and others still that might work with insurance or have payment plans and financing options to make them more affordable.

Length of Treatment

It is very rare to find success in a month or less. Therefore we recommend longer-term treatment programs that have a higher success rate for permanent recovery.


Some treatment programs are set up only for men or only for women. Undoubtedly, each gender has specific needs or issues that should be addressed, and there are coed centers available that have ways of individualizing their approach to deal with gender-specific topics.

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