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Youtube Intro Maker

A career on YouTube through blogging sounds like a great idea. Based on just how much the top personalities on the platform earn, it’s definitely worth giving it a shot. Becoming a YouTuber is not easy. There’s a lot of things you need to invest in first such as a high-end camera. This includes a YouTube intro maker and a good computer for your editing needs. All these just to improve your viewing time.

On YouTube, it’s not enough to have thousands of subscribers. It’s also not enough to get clicks on your content. What’s important is to make sure that your viewing time is as long as possible – this helps generate revenue for your channel. If you’re struggling to increase your viewing time, we’ve got a few tips to help you out.

Make Your Intros Exciting

You can’t have a good impression if your intro is boring. One way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your opening is by investing in a YouTube intro maker. This YouTube intro maker we’ve found allows you to easily create stunning opening sequences for your channel. These will be more than enough to improve the chance that your viewers will be hooked on your content.

This YouTube intro maker has features allowing you to contend with the content quality that the top channels have. What’s even better is that it’s relatively cheap as compared to what you would pay for high-end editors and graphics generators. As it is both intuitive and effective, such a solution might exactly be what you need to keep your viewers from leaving your videos to watch another one.

Studies suggest that people decide on whether they’ll continue through with a YouTube video depending on the quality of the intro. As such, it’s imperative to make sure that yours looks professionally made. If you aren’t adept in video editing yet, then an intuitive intro like this one might just be what you need.

Editing videos is tough work. The intro tends to be the toughest as this usually involves the most amount of CGI and visuals. The good news is that intros can be used for a long time so your intro can be used for several of your videos. You’ll get your money’s worth with this software.

Set The Pace Properly

One of the mistakes new YouTubers make is that they don’t know how to pace their videos properly.  They tend to put the most interesting parts of the video at the beginning and middle of the video. If this is what you do, viewers will have no reason to view your video up until the very end.

You need to learn about proper pacing. Basically, you might want to make sure that there’s enough interesting content across the entire video so your viewers have no reason to leave. People do not only want to learn from your YouTube channel, but they also want to be entertained. Thus, proper pacing is a must to keep them interested.


You often see videos wherein YouTubers appear in the channel of others. These are collaborations that benefit both the YouTubers making the content. Aside from increasing your viewing time, this will also help you to tap into another market of viewers. Of course, collaborations are reserved for YouTubers that are already popular.

If you are running a YouTube channel, start early. Begin to make connections with other YouTubers creating the same content as you. This might seem like an odd thing considering they are your competitors. But trust us, it will be much better for both of you if you can partner up with others.

Keep Content New And Fresh

This is possibly easier said than done, however, this is the only way you can increase your viewing time. You need to keep your content fresh and interesting. This is a challenge you can only do so much to ensure that your content isn’t something that someone else has already done. With the number of YouTubers out there, creating something new is difficult.

The key is to make sure that even though you are doing something that someone has already done before, you should at least add a twist to it. If you want to make something truly interesting for your viewers, try asking them what type of content they want to see. It’s common for YouTubers to ask their viewers for help with regards to the content they want to see.

It’s not just your video that needs to be interesting. You must also make sure that your thumbnail and title are great as well. You see, you can’t have a long-running time if your viewers are not going to click your videos at all. The technique of creating clickbait titles and thumbnails isn’t new and it’s proven to be effective in getting people to click your videos.

Be Yourself

The last thing people would want is to watch a YouTuber that’s not himself. People would appreciate it more if you act and move naturally. Be the way you are as people will continue liking your videos if they see that your personality is authentic. They don’t want people that do it for the cameras.

Build your personality through your channel and let your viewers watch you grow. All of today’s top YouTubers started small, always keep that in mind.

Investing in a YouTube intro maker, camera, and high-end computer might be too much for your budding career on YouTube but you have to keep those in mind before you have already done the same. It will be difficult to keep the viewing time up if your content isn’t interesting enough from the beginning to end, so it is a must to make the right investments at first.


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