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Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy in a Small House

Some people argue that animals should stay in their habitats, and bringing them home does them harm. On the other hand, some believe that animals lead a better life domestically, as owners care for their needs and provide them with utmost love and care. Nonetheless, statistics show a significant increase in people acquiring pets. The main reason is that people are suffering from health problems worldwide. As per medical experts, having a pet at home helps relieve stress and keep you physically fit.

Cats are a popular choice among pet lovers, and many people keep more than one in their homes. Cats are easy to train and have an inherent quality of adjusting. However, they can be high-maintenance and moody at times. Cat owners do not mind their cats’ tantrums; on the contrary, they love to pamper their cats and shower them with love. Moreover, felines grow fond of their owners, and their keepers love the way their cats welcome them when they return to their abodes after spending a bustling day outdoors. Cats bring happiness to people, but keeping them satisfied and happy can be a challenge for owners, especially if they live in compact homes.

Below we are listing a few ways of keeping your cat happy in small houses:

  1. Take Care of Their Needs

Pets do not come with a set of instructions, but they have specific requirements, and owners need to cater to them. Before you bring an animal home, you must ask yourself if you are ready to take full responsibility for an animal. Medication, doctor visits, and regular cleaning become owners’ duties, requiring them to reschedule their routines. People generally prefer keeping cats because they do not give a hard time and are easy to train. However, once a cat gets accustomed to a routine, they follow it religiously. Toilet training is not a hassle for cats, but you need to ensure that your cat’s litter box is empty; otherwise, it may create a fuss. Markets have several options, and a disposable litter box or a tofu cat litter is convenient as it keeps owners stress free.

  1. Different Toy Items

Cats and children have some common traits, and one of them is that they get bored quickly. They may enjoy playing with an item for a while, but they would not even want to hold it in a few hours. Cats need various toys, and they play as per their moods. Several owners think that cats are low cost and they can bring a ball and their cat would enjoy it 24/7. The truth is cats are inherently athletic. They might go crazy if you made them sit idly for longer durations. When they have access to several items, they stay engaged and happy.

  1. Add Views in the Rooms

Cats are natural detective, and in a few hours, they will explore every nook and corner of your home. In small houses, they do not get much choice and get bored of viewing the same things. To entertain your cat, you can provide some different sound stimulations and views. Either you can bring a bird home or have some battery-operated toy which can give out different sounds. Another way is to have some vivid pictures around or have other magazines so that your cat gets plenty of views.

  1. Get Them Familiarized with Screen

The modern world has many technological options, and cat owners can try a few to amuse their cats. The key is to get your feline familiarized with the screen and technology. Cats do not like surprises, and chances are they would not find videos and images on screen impressive instantly. You can patiently show them different things on a screen, and they will start enjoying it. Moreover, cats are smart, and they can learn well through observation. Touch screen options are the best, as they do not require cats to fumble with different keys.

  1. Incorporate Nature

Keeping the cat indoors maybe your limitation, but that does not mean that you keep your cat devoid of sunlight. Sunlight has uncountable health benefits, and it can also uplift the vibe of the house. Cat owners can open the windows and let the ultra-violet rays in, and cats will relish the natural light. Aside from sunlight, you can bring some plants inside. Small houses do not give sufficient space to have a small garden. Instead, you can get some plant vines or have hanging planters. Smalls plant pots will add to home décor and provide your cat with pure air. A mint plant, catnip, contains nepetalactone, natural oil and has pleasant effects on cats. While you decide to incorporate plants, going for nepetalactone will be a better idea.

  1. Take It out Occasionally

People think that leashes are only for dogs, and you cannot make your cat march in them. The truth is you can train your cat, and it will learn it quickly. An ideal way is to start training when your cat is still a kitten, as they can learn quickly. Taking a cat on the walk will keep it healthy and provide it with a change of view. Taking a cat on a leash or in a cat carrier is a responsible way of taking a cat on the walk, as with cats, you cannot be 100 % sure that they will behave as guidelines.

  1. Groom It

Cats love when someone pampers them. They enjoy snuggling, getting brushed their body, and taking a bath. Besides, keeping your cat clean is essential for residents’ health. If you do not want to spend a substantial amount of money on salons, you can easily groom your cat at home. Grooming will keep your beloved feline ecstatic.


Most homes in the modern world are compact. Due to a shortage of space, many people suppress their desires of binging a cat home. With some changes in your routine and bringing a few items to your abode, you can keep your cat happy even in limited space.

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