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The search engine optimization [SEO] arena is complicated and consistently changing. Google upgrades its ranking algorithm often, which makes your SEO efforts fall apart. You need to consistently change content marketing and SEO strategies to stay light on your feet and stay competitive. 

The SEO services in Australia from Catnapweb have a different approach. There are 200+ ranking factors including ads, site links, shopping results, featured snippets, videos, image packs, tweets, scholarly articles, etc. that need monitoring. It is believed that organic traffic is better than paid as it brings quality leads for the long term. Some strategies are still effective.

Expert tips to maintain Australian SEO competition successfully

Anything slows the site load speed

Page load speed was not an issue in the past from an SEO viewpoint but today, it has become a crucial ranking factor. Slow page forces site visitors to bounce out from your site and visit your competitors. Improve page speed!

Write for users and not search engines

For successful SEO, content writing is a crucial component. Write understandably and convey a brand message with an aim of conversion and enhancing ROI. Long-tail keywords help to boost presence even if the volume is not more but competition is low. Content resolving people’s issues reach the top rank, so write for humans because search engines prioritize user experience.

Set analytics

Set analytic tools properly with measurable metrics. It helps to gain in-depth details of the SEO campaign progress in real-time. 

Good linking strategy

Engaging content increases the chances of getting inbound links. In building links, you can strategize to post your content on authoritative guest posting blogs. 

Simple and readable URL structure

URL structure includes a keyword or some relevant terms associated with the content title. Keep URL structure simple, short, and readable for search engines. URL must explain clearly what the content is about. 

Use relevant and exclusive Meta Description

Meta Description has to communicate the page properly with search engines.

Post content consistently

Create engaging content around your Australian business. Long and readable content ranks better than shorter ones.

Voice search optimization

Voice search is the trend, even for basic questions. Smartphones are omnipresent and every other house has Google assistant or Alexa or Sirri that employs voice command. In a text search query, people type ‘Betsy Fitness program’ but in voice search they would say, ‘What is Betsy’s Fitness Program’.

Local SEO

Local SEO is important or you can lose great business opportunities. Add business details in local Australian directories to strengthen local presence. Create great landing pages and have content optimized for specific local area keywords – for example, Web designing & SEO services in Melbourne. 

Technical SEO

  • Ensure the website holds HTTPS status because it is a ranking factor. Having secure links averts hacking, which search engine appreciates.
  • Give the user the experience of a responsive website because they can enjoy the same experience on smartphones and desktops.
  • Have redirects arranged and fix the 404 error pages?
  • Check the technical health of your site using crawling tools.

SEO is evolving, so implement the above tips one after another to identify what works!

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