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In the current business scenario, it is very important to have a certain SEO strategy in place for your business so that it can help you to generate more traffic to your website.

SEO experts from Spiky SEO can be the right option in Australia to hire so that your SEO interests are well taken care of. Spiky SEO has been offering its services to various companies in Australia.

Many companies often contemplate the idea to do this activity in-house rather than hiring an external agency. Let us, therefore, discuss in this post, whether that will be the right choice for your business.

Pros and cons to hire an SEO company


  1. By skipping the internal hiring procedure, you will save your time and money and receive a skilled workforce right away.
  2. Agencies have the necessary industry expertise to offer perception into SEO difficulties that your staff might not otherwise be able to address.
  3. When compared to an internal team, hiring an SEO service is frequently more affordable.
  4. Because agencies work with specialists in certain SEO fields, all SEO factors will be taken into account.
  5. Given that agency staff members are skilled and productive, turnaround times may be quicker than in-house.


  1. Agencies serve a variety of clients.
  2. Although reputable businesses keep lines of communication open with their clients, internal communication can occasionally be more expedient.
  3. It might be challenging to find the ideal agency for your business.
  4. Finding the right team that can match your expectation and you believe to be trustworthy is essential because hiring an agency demands a great lot of trust.

Pros and cons to have in-house SEO


  1. You will be able to make changes more rapidly and will have more visibility into the work being done.
  2. The main focus of internal workers is your business’s website.
  3. Your internal team members are well-versed in the culture, values, and overarching business objectives of your company.
  4. Working with any other teams, such as sales, web development, and public relations, is simple for your in-house SEO teams.


  1. It might take a while (and be expensive) to find and train qualified workers.
  2. Hiring a full-time worker or group of workers can be pricey.
  3. Due to their numerous duties, it is rare that internal staffwould be experts in a particular area of SEO.
  4. As internal staff members must prioritise various duties, the work may be completed slowly.
  5. Your staff may quit after gaining some experience and joining a certain professional agency where they may get better perks and salaries.

No choice is good or bad, however, if you want to get the results quickly then hiring a professional team will always be a better option rather than training your internal staff and waiting till they get the right expertise.

Besides you also have to think about the career progression of your team in-house and unless you are a very big corporation, you will not be able to manage the show on long term basis.

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