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GRE coaching centres in Hyderabad

GRE is an internationally acclaimed examination for students who desire to pursue a postgraduate degree from a university abroad. GRE syllabus consists of analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning. The analytical writing measure tests your analytical writing skills and critical thinking. It assesses your ability to support complex ideas, construct and assess arguments, and sustains a coherent and focused discussion. It consists of analyzing an argument and issue. 

The issue task presents an opinion on an issue of general interest followed by particular instructions and the argument task requires you analyzing a given argument according to particular instructions. There is no GRE Words limit for an essay, although if you are a long- essay fan you should write anywhere between 500- 700 words which will be sufficient. The tips to prepare for GRE analytical writing are:

  • Write on 5-8 topics at least

Practice makes perfect and there is no alternative to practice. You will be able to write with more command and fluency by constant writing and able to tackle the time pressure as well. Writing on challenging issue or argument in less than 30 minutes is difficult, so practice analytical writing assessment as much as you can.

  • Improve your grammar, spellings and punctuation

Do focus on your grammar, spellings and punctuation. A well-reasoned essay with basic error will not portray a good impression of your hard work, so work on these minute aspects of your essays. You can get a perfect score with an error or two but minor grammatical errors ruin the quality of your essay.

  • Read quality sample essays frequently

You will get deep understanding by reading sample essays frequently and you will be able to evaluate your essays. Start with ‘3’ essay and move progressively to a perfect ‘6’ score essay.

  • Use a standard pattern of organization

You must use a standard pattern of the organization as Organizing your writing will help the reader to understand your writing and help you write with more clarity and quicker and you can get a better idea of how to organize from tips three and four.

  • Order paragraph effectively

It is important to make sure that your paragraph goes in a logical order. You must rank the points you will write about from most to least important and write in that order. The preferred option is to go the opposite direction and write from least to most important. It allows you to have a strong rather than weak finish and will also make your writing overall more persuasive.

  • Examples relevant to the topic

You can choose examples from a wide range of subjects, including personal experience, history, sports, current events, politics etc. Don’t let your example take over the essay. Your whole goal is to prove the point, so only use an example of nthingstoknow if it’s going to back up your argument.

Analytical writing assessment section of the GRE can make a huge difference in how your GRE scores are interpreted. GRE words in analytical writing must be insightful and clear.

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