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13 Cheap and Easy DIY Irrigation Systems for a Self-Watering Garden

There is no surprise that water is essential for healthy plant growth. However, watering is quite tough, mainly if you have a large garden. Therefore, if you are planning to craft your irrigation system for your backyard garden that waters itself, what’s better than adding a drip irrigation system? It is one of the excellent watering systems that give the plants consistent moisture they require for the gorgeous blooms and bigger harvest.

It will help you enjoy your vacations without ignoring your garden. Farm irrigation systems system also lowers soil erosion, save plenty of time, and even lower the amount of water needed. Although installing own irrigation systems may seem a costly job, but it can be affordable if you take into account the following DIY ideas.

DIY Bucket Irrigation System

To make your bucket irrigation system, all you need is a five-gallon bucket and few lines. It is one of the simple ways to water the plants, especially during hot scorching summer days. You need to add them to the garden line.

DIY PVC Pipe Irrigation System

PVC pipe irrigation system is quite simple and cost-effective to build. You will need PVC Pipe, sprinkler heads, and other supplies. It uses a sprinkler type system to sprinkle water where you require it in your garden.

DIY Rain Water Irrigation System

You can design your irrigation system for your garden or lawn that does not use any water from your city. You can do this by collecting rainwater. This idea is super easy to implement and also make your plants healthy. It is because rainwater does not contain any fluoride and chemicals. Moreover, the DIY rainwater irrigation system is an excellent way to use rainwater.

Tip: A low-risk way to try drip irrigation is using irrigation kits. Many agencies offer them for sale. They are great for both big and small gardens because they are loaded with essential irrigation equipment.

 Cost-Effective DIY Irrigation System

Believe it or not, you can craft your system that will continuously keep your garden watered and that too for less than 10$. Use a storage bin for the water supply, and you will never have to concern about watering your vital plants.

DIY Drip Line Irrigation System

Drip line irrigation system allows the water to penetrate gradually and deeply into the soil using a system of emitters, valves, and tubing, thereby ensuring better plant health. DIY Drip Line Irrigation System is also the best way to save money and time for the gardeners.

You can line them up to water every plant. You can even add an automatic timer that will allow you to water them at the set time of the day. It will also help you avoid watering during the hottest part of the day.

Cheap DIY Drip Irrigation

This cheap DIY drip irrigation is easy to make for your garden. It uses 30 to 50 % less water in comparison to the traditional watering methods. Plus, you do not need to invest several hours and require costly supplies to set it up. The bonus point is that you can also use it for your raised garden if you have.

 DIY Dual Irrigation System

DIY dual irrigation system is excellent for the conventional in-ground gardens and raised beds. The bonus point is that you can use this idea even if you have a container garden.

The first part of this system is a soaked hose, and the second part is a drip irrigation system. The first one will keep your plants refreshed while the second part will offer water to the plant roots.

Simple DIY PVC Water Run

You can create this kind of irrigation system for your garden under $100. You can use both for your traditional or container garden. DIY PVC Water Run also uses PVC pipe and other supplies that are quite affordable.

 DIY Water Dripper System

DIY water dripper system is quite simple to create. You will require few materials like a hose connector, drippers, tier, flow control valve, and a garden hose. You can purchase them at your local home improvement store if you don’t have them at home.

DIY Automatic Drip Irrigation System

An automatic drip irrigation system offers water to your plants automatically. This DIY idea will cost you less if you have the right supplies handy.

 DIY Soaker Hose System

To make the DIY soaker hose system, you need to invest a few hours to make it running successfully. All you will require are small PCV pipes and hose. Remember, soaker hose will help you offer water right to the roots of plants.

Raised Garden Bed Irrigation System

Raised garden bed irrigation systems allow your soil to drain well by targeting the roots of the plants, thereby ensuring heath plants and save money on water bills. It is mainly an excellent option for flower and vegetable gardens. Raised beds also guard your crops from small insects like gophers, voles, etc. This system also does not take much time and money to set up.

Plastic Bottle Irrigation System

You can also turn old plastic bottles into an affordable plastic bottle irrigation system. It is an excellent way to reuse plastic bottles in your home. Moreover, this system lowers water loss via evaporation from leaves — all you need to fill your bottle and bury them between plants.

It will help you to supply enough water to the roots of every plant in your raised or in-ground garden. You need to spend money on the rain barrels and other containers to move water from your house.

Wrapping up:

It is vital to keep plants well hydrated, especially during the summer months. But for this, you do not need to buy costly water irrigation systems. By making your irrigation systems in your garden, you can make your life easier. You also become wiser by effectively directing water either straight onto the garden bed or directly into the roots of the various outdoor plants. It also helps you save tons of time and money.

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