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Sex LifeTips To Spruce Up Your Sex Life

Everyone needs a little help in the bedroom once in a while. We’ve all been there; we get how you’re feeling. Sex is sometimes a tricky thing, even if you think you have it all figured out already. It’s dynamic! The things that have turned you on before might not work for you anymore. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or have a casual sex life, sex can get boring, monotonous, and unpleasant.

If you’re someone struggling with sex, there’s no need to fear. All of us want to have a pleasurable time, but sometimes things might not work out for you. Sex is personal and subjective, so, naturally, there are a little mess-ups here and there. Sometimes, taking supplements like testo ultra can help. However, what makes sex fun and extraordinary is that you can always experiment and explore!

We’re just humans, and humans are sexual beings. At some point, we’ve asked ourselves the following questions, “am I doing this right? How do I know if my partner feels good? Is this normal? What else can I do?” and many more.

Spice Things Up With These Tips

Nevertheless, enjoyable sex can be easily achieved as long as it’s safe and consensual. Like you, we are in the quest for feel-good sex, so we’ve gathered all the tips and tricks to help you achieve a pleasurable experience in the bedroom!

1. Get up close and personal with your body.

As cliche as it may sound, the first step for improving your sex life is to have a get-to-know session with yourself. How else can someone make you feel good when you don’t know what makes you feel good? No person can read minds. Semenax is a male wellness offering that has been designed to help tackle a whole host of intimate performance issues.

However, we don’t just mean a one-time selfie session. As you grow older and change, so do your preferences. Take the time to try out new things and experiment to learn which technique works for you best. When you know what makes you feel good, you’re more aware of what your needs are in the bedroom. That way, you’re more capable of coaching your partner on how they can please you during sex.

Furthermore, when you know your body, you’re not limited to knowing what’s pleasurable for you. Knowing your turn-offs, the things that don’t work, are also just as essential. When you don’t know what turns you on, you can always know what turns you off. Then, you can make the necessary changes and improve your sex life!

2. Always communicate and ask for consent.

Most people are very eager to try new things and experiment. However, it’s crucial to always ask for consent. Do you want to try this new toy or technique out? Ask your partner if they feel comfortable with it. Do you have a specific fetish or kink? Communicate that to your partner beforehand.

There’s nothing wrong with having personal preferences when it comes to sex. But it’s important to remember that not everyone will be on board with what you like. If your partner isn’t down for this thing you want to try, then that’s okay! Respect each other’s boundaries. After all, your partner’s experience equally matters.

Sometimes the root cause of bad sex is miscommunication or no communication at all. Some people might feel shy to tell their partner they don’t feel good. Whatever the reason is, things won’t get better if there is no communication. So, don’t be afraid to give feedback!

3. Stimulate ALL your senses.

Do whatever you need to feel turned on. Setting up the ambiance can heavily influence the atmosphere and get things hot and heavy. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t need rose petals scattered on the bed or lit candles in the room. But don’t be afraid to go the extra mile to really activate all senses to be fully turned on.

You can use an ice cube, aromatics, music, anything! Be creative. Incorporate some dirty talk to help the mood and stimulate the imagination. After all, your brain is another essential sex organ apart from the penis and vagina.

4. Plan ahead with your partner.

Sex doesn’t always have to be spontaneous to be exciting. Real-life sex is very different from what is depicted in adult websites and movies. The sooner you rid yourself of those expectations, the earlier your sex life will improve.

Planning things with your partner can positively impact both of your experiences. While scheduling sex might sound boring and controlling, but it can be fun! You already use calendars to plan important dates, so why not include sex in the mix?

You might even find it more exciting as you look forward to the scheduled date. When you rely on spontaneous sex all the time, there are higher chances that you and your partner won’t be in the mood at the same time.

Take it a step further by creating a fantasy bucket list with your partner! This way, you get a chance to talk about your desires, fantasies and even discover new things. It’s also an intimate bonding session with your partner, and both of you will know what each is into. Plus, the act of talking about your desires can be hot and titillating. It’s a way for you to be on the same page and consensually fantasize together. Cheers to teamwork!

5. Don’t underestimate the power of a sex toy.

Sex toys can bring all kinds of unique sensations that humans can’t possibly provide. Try experimenting with different sex toys for elevated sexual pleasure. They provide us with the means to enjoy sex in new ways, whether with other people or ourselves.

The options and variations are vast for you to choose from. From couple sex toys to solo ones, vibrators to penetrators, and many more for all genders to enjoy! Incorporating sex toys is a fun way for you to experiment with your partner and amp up that sex life.

If you’re looking for a reliable shop that will fulfill your needs, Love Fetish is your go-to. They have high-quality and body-safe sex toys that will surely gratify your experience. Just browse their catalog, buy the item that excites you, and explore you and your partner’s body to create a spicier night for you. 

There are many more ways you can spruce up your sex life. However, you can’t improve it if you don’t have an open mind. When you’re more open to new experiences, there’s a higher chance that you will have pleasurable sex.

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