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Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity You feel that desire to taste very cold ice cream, give the first spoon and ready: feel a huge discomfort in the teeth! That’s a great hint of dental sensitivity.

If you are reading this blog, certainly passed or are going through this problem, but rest assured that this has a solution!

Let’s go, shall we?

Understanding the subject

The sensitivity in the teeth is due to different factors, but the main ones are:


  • Gingival retraction: caused by inadequate brushing on the Tooth sensitivity (excessive force), or made with soft bristle brushes. That exposes the innermost layer of teeth, dentin.


  • Tooth enamel wear: a problem that can be caused by improper brushing, bruxism, cavities, use of antibiotics (such as tetracycline), among other problems.


Eye on food

Staying tuned to daily food also makes a difference. Soft drinks, coffees, and citrus fruits cause a lot of wear on the teeth because they have high PH. It’s also worth keeping an eye on the beer. All these items should be consumed moderately, not only to preserve the teeth but also to ensure the well-being of the body as a whole.

Possible treatments for sensitivity

The first step to having a correct diagnosis is to look for a dentist. During the consultation, the professional will analyze the entire oral structure of the patient, check if there are other problems (caries, accumulation of plaque, malocclusion, among others), and indicate the best treatment, which will combine actions performed in the office and also the daily routine at home. Let’s go to them:

In the office:

  • Application of fluoridated varnish on exposed areas, forming a layer of protection and decreasing sensitivity;
  • Use of fluoride in gel or foam, which guards the affected areas;
  • Restorations that waterproof dentin and attenuate stimuli that cause sensitivity
  • Laser treatment, focusing on analgesic and anti-inflammatory action, which reduces hypersensitivity and strengthen the protective layer of teeth
  • Surgical treatment for the gum, if this is the reason for the sensitivity.

At home

Now, let’s go to the care that should be taken at home:

Daily brushing: brushing your teeth daily is the first step to controlling sensitivity. It is worth noting the importance of choosing a soft bristle brush, so as not to injure the gums.

Choice of toothpaste: the dentist can recommend toothpaste of its own for those suffering from tooth sensitivity. Typically, they present in their composition items such as sodium fluoride, zinc oxide, and strontium acetate

Use of floss: as important as brushing is the use of floss. After all, it reaches more difficult regions and prevents the accumulation of food scraps.


The aim of the text is to show that sensitivity in teeth has treatment! Enjoy the beginning of the year to take that little walk at the dentist and smile with much more health and tranquility.

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