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Digital Marketing Strategies

Because of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, people have been forced to switch to online services for various purposes. This shift in dynamics has, in turn, created a rapid-paced change in the digital world. The use of the internet has particularly increased in three sectors – medicine, banking, and sales.

This scenario has become quite certain that current digital marketing strategies need to be updated to meet the ongoing radical change. Check out here 10 best digital marketing strategies to try out in 2022 and most of the digital marketing Company use them.

Partner with a review generation service to enhance your online reputation

When a customer decides to buy a product, one important thing they check is the online reviews. According to a 2020 study by Trustpilot, almost 90% of customers go through online reviews before buying a product. BrightLocal also conducted a similar survey in the same year, and the resulting percentage was 80%.

Therefore, you have to think of a solid strategy to enhance your online reputation. It may be partnering with a review generation service. In this case, both human and virtual services will be used to generate more positive reviews for your company on various review platforms.

In a review generation service, polls and surveys are conducted to determine which customers or clients like the products. Once an individual is identified, they receive an email requesting to write a review.

Use the latest artificial intelligence (AI)

Various companies have used Artificial intelligence in industries like banking, retail, and healthcare. It has significantly helped them improve their marketing efforts in several ways, like using AI chatbots to provide customer services, reporting on website traffic conversions and social results, and discovering ways to enhance organic search results.

Other firms also use AI to monitor consumer website browsing history and buyer purchase patterns to predict people’s preferences.

Improve your influencer marketing game

A recent report has revealed that more than 50% of US marketers spend over 20% of their budgets improving their influencer marketing. This percentage is much higher in several businesses related to jewelry and cosmetics.

Artificial Intelligence is also used in influencer marketing to identify the real influencers for various businesses. With the help of AI, you can also track more influencer videos and social accounts, making your programs cost-effective and efficient. So, if influencers are still not a part of your digital marketing blueprint, it is time to consider them.

Make your chatbots into virtual assistants

Updating chatbots is necessary. The latest versions use efficient artificial intelligence, making them work like virtual assistants that offer important and meaningful information to the visitors and improve their website experiences. It will automatically make your visitors return to your site frequently and make purchases.

Event planning should be unique

People had to remain confined in their homes due to the pandemic. With the effects diminishing, they look forward to meeting one another physically again at various industry and company events.

However, the last two years have taught us a lot, and a few things should not be ignored.

If you have plans to resume in-person events in your office in 2022, you should consider expanding it virtually, too. Not only will it give your events more dimensions, but it also brings worldwide visitors. In the case of a virtual event, you can easily invite panelists, attendees, or speakers who cannot travel a long way or take a long leave from their work.

Update your digital content marketing strategy

In the world of digital marketing, content has never lost its priority. So, if you haven’t updated your brand’s digital content marketing strategy, this is the best time you should. Following are some valuable tips to consider.

  • Add attractive infographics, podcasts, videos, and memes because these elements are now preferred more over written content.
  • Provide as much as interactive experiences that prove your company’s uniqueness.
  • Partner with experts and influencers to ensure credibility to your content.

Improve your customers’ mobile experience

With a lot of online work being done on mobile today, it is time to improve your customers’ mobile experience. Due to the pandemic, many changes have occurred in the digital space, which has forced companies to ensure seamless and smooth online experiences. So, if you cannot provide it to them, they will simply leave your site and choose your competitor.

To maintain a steady customer base, find all the issues and fix them as soon as possible. Additionally you can opt for a result –driven SEO packages that can help you.

Think about your multichannel marketing efforts

Nowadays, most marketing campaigns involve more than one strategy to generate good leads and sales. You may consider using social media, blog posts, landing pages, Google ads, chatbots, and partnering with a review generation service for an effective campaign.

However, even though many organizations consider all the pieces, they fail because of not maintaining a proper connection between them. So, you must become an efficient storyteller to convince your customers and use important metrics and data to provide authenticity.

Make sure your digital dashboard works well

Despite tracking and measuring all the marketing aspects, marketers fail to connect all the pieces together to generate an easily readable and meaningful dashboard or report. If you have also faced this issue, you must spend a small part of your marketing budget hiring a professional marketer to generate a top-quality data dashboard for your company.

Plan how to remove third-party cookies

Previously, Google had announced its plans to remove its third-party cookies in 2023. Even though the date has changed, you must prepare for it now.

You can increase your efforts to gather high-quality first-party data owned by your operation. You can conduct webinars to collect information about customers. Using Google’s Privacy Sandbox is another option to meet this objective.


The 2020 BrightCloud survey had shown that 93% of consumers had used the internet to locate a local business, while 34% had searched for businesses online every day. With the digital space changing more, you can understand how important it will be to have a strong online presence. Explore the tips discussed here and make your brand stand out.

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