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Top 10 interesting gadgets for the bike

Many fans of riding two-wheeled transport today dream to improve their “iron horse” and squeeze the maximum benefit from riding it. For them, we have compiled a rating of the most interesting gadgets for the bike in 2022, which included devices that can improve the quality of driving and orientation in the road space, as well as to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

1. Bike Computer

Today it is the most popular gadget among cycling enthusiasts. In its essence, the bicycle computer is an improved model of the speedometer. It helps to control the speed of movement, calculate the time, and monitor the distance covered. These functions are included in any basic version of devices.

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But there are on sale and advanced devices that have much more features. Some have a built-in navigator, others have connectors that connect to sensors using ANT+ technology. In this way, it is possible to measure the power of pressing the pedals and calculate the number of calories spent. All the information is transmitted to the screen and can be monitored without taking a break from driving.


  • Installation is extremely easy
  • The cyclist always knows how much distance and at what speed, how much pressure on the pedals, where he is, and how far to the nearest object
  • Gadget “fuels” interest in the ride


  • The computer screen glares in the sun
  • It is comfortable to read the information on the display only at an angle

2. GPS navigator

We are all used to seeing this gadget behind the wheel of a car, but it may appear on the handlebars of bicycles as well. Its navigation will be slightly different: instead of roads on the maps, pedestrian and bicycle routes are laid on specially designated lanes for this purpose. But that’s not the only difference. The navigators for cars are vertical, and those for bicycles are horizontal. They are very useful for those who like to travel a lot and ride on unfamiliar terrain.

Models for bicycles are made taking into account the peculiarities of use of the device, so their case has a resistant protection against moisture and dust. It is made of materials that can withstand the weather and mechanical shocks.

The gadget can create your own routes, setting waypoints or use ready-made maps stored in its computer memory.


  • Functional and useful gadget for those who travel a lot
  • Helps to quickly find the best routes
  • Works autonomously for a long time
  • Some models are equipped with barometers to monitor the weather
  • Does not depend on mobile networks
  • It is easily fixed to the steering wheel with special bindings


  • Limited functionality

3. Veloradars

To keep the cyclist informed if there are cars around and to be more careful, bicycle radars are used. They warn you if a vehicle is approaching within a certain distance, e.g. less than 140 meters.

Typically, the device is attached to the back of the bicycle and synchronizes with your phone or bicycle computer. It can also have a screen that is placed on the handlebars and shows the distance to the car. Some models come with a taillight that lights up brighter when a car approaches so that its driver can see the cyclist.


  • Handy taillight
  • Signals a car approaching


  • High price

4. Pump CO₂

A pump with interchangeable CO2 cartridges is an indispensable thing if you need to inflate your camera incredibly fast, for example at a race. The inflation process with such a pump will take about a minute and will not take up as much energy as it would take with a portable pump.

It should be understood that the cartridges will have to be bought periodically. If you do not want to throw away cartridges, immediately buy a pump with a pressure control valve. With it you can pump the required pressure and use the remaining carbon dioxide in the future.

By the way, manufacturers recommend that when you get home, you flush the chamber and pump air into it instead of the carbon dioxide that helped you on the trip. The reason is simple: the CO2 will escape faster through the rubber, and the pressure in the tires will drop significantly on the next run, which means that you are again in danger of being left with deflated tires.

5. Helios Bars Smart Rudder

It was designed by an engineer from America, Kenny Gibbs. He came up with a very convenient design, inside which placed a GPS navigation module, Bluetooth unit and a flashlight with 500 lumens. It can be connected to your phone and adjust the brightness of the backlight, its color, to create routes, using Google Maps. The device helps the owner of the vehicle to determine its location. The ends have built-in turn signals. A person holding such a steering wheel understands where he needs to turn.


  • A multifunctional gadget
  • Good set of options
  • Very clear, no hassles


  • High price

6. Coffee cup holder

There are even accessories like this, and they’re great for urban cyclists who are riding for business or just having a good time.

Who has ever had the experience of buying coffee in one place, but sitting cozy on a bench sipping it in another? The cup holder attaches to the handlebars and holds the cup of coffee in an upright, stable position.

7. Smartphone holders

There is nowhere without communication, and modern devices for its implementation have long ceased to be simple phones. Today, they can replace the camera, audiobook, player, recorder. They can be used as a navigator and recorder with video functions. To make it convenient to use a device of this kind, holding the handlebars, you need to think about how to attach it to the frame of the bicycle. Manufacturers have long produced convenient and inexpensive devices that allow you to do this very easily.

8. Charger

With the navigation on all the time, the phone only works for a few hours. When the battery runs out, the gadget becomes completely useless if there is no charger. Of course, you can always throw a mobile battery in your backpack, but it also has a limited resource. To solve this problem helps dynamo charger for bicycles. This is a compact type of generator, capable of generating electricity from a spinning wheel.

Until recently, devices of this kind were only used to power front and rear lights. Today, they help charge cell phones on the go. There are two types of devices on sale: bottle and hub (the first makes noise when working, the second is completely silent). Some buyers in their reviews note that the installation of a compact generator contributes to the rapid wear and tear of the tires. This is due to the fact that in order to generate current, the device must come into contact with a constantly rotating element.

9. Smart Helmet

At the back of the helmet, there are parking lights and turn indicators. If the built-in sensor registers unusual acceleration, the device activates the light alarm and requests confirmation of the condition from the cyclist. Without it, it sends messages with an SOS code and coordinates of the fall to pre-selected contacts. One battery charge is enough for 10 hours of operation.

10. Smart Light

If you stop for more than three minutes, the unit automatically goes out and then comes back on when you start moving again. The flashlight dims when it is bright, and vice versa. The waterproof gadget supports several modes of illumination: low and high beam, narrow beam, strobe light. Sold in a set with a rear light bulb.

Battery capacity depends on the selected model and can be 2,000 or 4,000 mAh. This is enough for 3 or 6 hours of operation at maximum and 10 or 20 hours at minimum brightness respectively.

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