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Language Service Provider (LSP) is a term for a company that provides translation and localization services to the industry. Many language service providers translate a wide range of languages, with up to 100 languages being typical. They can have global reach, or they can be done through regional offices, learn italian online classes agreements with local translators, or SLPs with internal translators. 


Not all language service providers are the same, and it is essential to carry out due diligence before committing to a translation company. The best translation companies that perform top-notch localizations localize not only text, but also web page layouts, icons, key codes, and much more. They also deal with puns, humor, sarcasm, curses, and other elements that make your site, game or blog unique. 


To help find the right translation partner, you can find a detailed comparison of the leading translation companies here. Our specialists have also developed a list of warning signs to help you spot poor service. Top translation companies are laying the foundations for the future and have a better chance of serving more customers around the world. 


Research CSA Research Global Market Study breaks down the major players in this field and provides a list of the world’s best translation companies. Placement on this list enables LSPs to compare their performance with the big names and get recognition from buyers.


The Slator Language Service Provider Index (LSPI) is a ranking and index of the world’s largest language service providers, translation agencies, localization providers, interpreting services providers, and language technology companies. LSPI relies on corporate buyers large and small, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to research leading translation service providers and find the right translators for their needs. 


NIMDZI Insights recently published data showing that the turnover of the 100 largest players in the industry increased by 68% between 2019 and 2020. This is no surprise, as a faster pace of growth has been common for slower companies in recent years. Combined U.S. dollar revenue for SLator LSPI companies increased to USD 6.99 billion from 2019 by 142% from the 2020 SLator 2020 Language Service Provider Index (SLator) 7-Hour SLator Visit Login. 


  1. Translation Report


As we say we want to help our users find in a competitive market the best financial, creative, technical, medical, and business translation services. At TranslationReport, we draw up a list of the best translation companies that perform first-class localization. We want to tell you which websites meet your needs and are budget-friendly. This is the best online translation company that was reviewed and we give it its well-deserved first place on our Best of the list. We find it inconvenient not to have the best of the best in the field of professional document translation. 


  1. ITI


Founded in 1986, ITI provides a variety of voice solutions to customers in the United States and the Caribbean. Through a broad network of translators and qualified interpreters, the company offers its services in all languages and dialects. ITI’s competent language services include remote video interpretation (VRI), personal interpretation (PDI), telephone interpretation, document translation, localization services, audio transcription, and language analysis. 

The experienced linguists work with machine translation and computer-aided translation software to deliver. They also check and edit the output of the machine translation software to ensure that it is correct. 


  1. Language Line Solutions


The service is paired with powerful human linguists, with over 50,000 linguists in over 50 countries. Language Line Solutions’ “interpreting service is limited to English deaf and hard of hearing customers. They offer translation and localization services by telephone, video interpretation, remote and on-site interpretation, language skills tests, and training. 


  1. Universal Translation Services


It is a leading US telephone interpreter and translation company that provides businesses and individuals with comprehensive language solutions at very low prices. Universal Translation Services provides telephone interpretation services, document translation services, translation software and apps, and even entire corporate websites. 


The support agents are polite, professional, and know-how to answer common questions. People from all over the world need translations, and they are always available. For people applying to immigrate to the United States, Universal Translation Services provides certified translations of the personal documents required by HIMCIS. 


This company understands the importance of your business and provides impeccable translation services to ensure effective communication at a global level. They provide many services because they are experts in many industries. Best of all, they serve customers from various industries and translate dozens of languages at affordable prices. 


  1. Herts Interpreting and Translation Services ( HITS) 


It is one of the largest non-commercial translation and interpreter companies in the UK. It is a company that provides professional, high-quality, and friendly translation services at a competitive price. It is a professional and ethical provider of your translation/interpretation services all over the world. 


The company provides high-quality translation services provided by a team of managers and professional linguists who will meet your needs in the best possible way. HITS provides translation services in a variety of fields including legal, theoretical, scientific, medical, tax, financial and non-specialized areas. You work with competent translators who have the skills to create first-class, customized translations. 




The quality of the services that this company offers can be seen in the fact that they serve renowned companies in various industries. Years of experience and first-class quality make TransPerfect the first choice in the USA. TransPerfect offers its translation services cost-effectively without compromising on quality. 


  1. Tomedes


Offers translation and localization services of all companies on this list as well as technology-driven solutions of all kinds. Your machine translation and post-processing service occupy the top spot on the list, with only a few services on our list offering comparable MTPE services. The company won the Stevie People Choice Award for Most Popular New Product in 2016. 


For more than 15 years, GTS Translation Services has provided effective translation solutions for large corporations, law firms, and government agencies around the world. Their clients believe that GTS is the best translation company for their daily translation services. 


GTS has a comprehensive network of leading language service providers in Europe and North America with more than 600 native translators and an active translator base worldwide. Since its inception, GTS has been supplying customers all over the world with highly qualified translation, interpreting, and other language services. 


  1. RWS


Compared to some of the larger companies that provide language services, RWS has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, placing it in the CSA Global Top 10. The company is well-positioned to deliver localized content worldwide with translation and interpretation services in more than 150 languages. 


  1. TRSB


It offers its clients a broad range of content transformation and language support through personalized services, dedicated account managers, and specialized linguists who combine human effort with technological solutions. The cost of language services varies depending on the type of service, content, and language solution used to deliver the result. The work of providing customers with a tailor-made translation package is translated by independent language service providers, which means that it is not limited by the limitations of certain technologies that are best suited to the project. The sentence per word is not enough to include translation costs, but it should be. Each language pair has a typical translation effort depending on the company. 


  1. 10. AfroLingo Translation Services


At AfroLingo, we provide detailed translation services for the South African market and the world at large. We facilitate efficient communication between companies and their global clients. Our localization system has made it easy for clients to be assisted online in obtaining our translation services. Among multitudes of languages, we also offer Kinyarwanda translation services.


With offices providing translation services in Johannesburg we aim to provide professional service that is above the rest.  We also have an office offering translation services in Cape Town. Our consultants are always on standby to provide you with quick and efficient service. 



In retrospect, translators working for a certified translation service must satisfy certain requirements. These are advanced translation certifications or equivalent qualifications in the field of specialization. In addition, they must have two or more years of experience in translating documents and at least five years of experience as professional translators.

To increase your value in the global business world, you need the services of a professional translation company. If you are looking for a reliable translation agency for the federal government, you can choose a global linking service. 

It is also important to ensure that many translation companies use encryption to protect your documents private and secure. When you decide to translate for your company, certain challenges arise. 

Translating your corporate messages into a foreign language requires experience and skills. For example, tools such as Google Translate are the most widely used translation and proofreading applications in the world. These companies provide many services because they are experts in many industries. For example, professional translation services have experts in their translation of medical professionals and medical documents. 

We do not trust companies that do not take your data without your knowledge or collect cookies without your permission. The best companies have strong privacy policies and never disclose your personal information to third parties. Check the terms and conditions listed on the Site in a separate document. 

To make your website a success, you need the assistance of professional translation agencies that offer a wide range of services. No product, service, or other retail offering is meaningless unless the information you provide is translated. Learn Italian online classes can be an effective way to learn Italian quickly.

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