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Top 10 Tools To Create A Professional Logo To Brand Your Youtube Channel

YouTube is an excellent platform that lets individuals and businesses reach out to a specific audience in an engaging way. But there are millions of YouTubers already on the web, and they are competing hard with content to drive people’s attention. An online logo maker can help small business owners design their YouTube channel logo all by themselves without any prior design experience. 

While there are plenty of YouTube channel art maker tools out there, not all of them are equally good for small business owners or individuals. Many of them are too expensive as they charge a very high fee for downloading a customized logo. Others may not have the right tools to let you design the logo with ease. They may require you to have some professional knowledge about graphic design. Still, some logo maker tools come free loaded with a wide range of editing tools and other features. You can also check out popular YouTuber SteveWillDoIt logo and how attractive his channel looks.

Here is our list of top 10 logo maker tools to design your YouTube channel logo:- 

1. Designhill Logo Maker 

Designhill Logo Maker comes loaded with a host of helpful features to design a logo on your own with ease with no design experience required. The DIY tool lets you start with a simple click to enter your YouTube channel name and the logo style you want. Then, pick a design template and drag colors, fonts, images, etc., from a vast library of the logo maker to the template. 

With this logo maker, you can easily customize your design as many times as you like until fully satisfied. You can play around experimenting with hundreds of templates, color and font choices, images from your business and industry. 

This platform also comes with a helpful YouTube banner maker that you can use to design your banner on your own. 

2. Canva  

Canva’s logo maker is one of the best DIY tools to create a logo design in a few easy steps. All you need to do is click on the ‘Create a design’ button and enter your custom dimensions of the YouTube channel and ‘create design.’ 

You can search for logo inspirations from your niche, such as gaming. Also, you have access to hundreds of templates, color schemes, fonts, etc., to customize your logo. So, you can create a logo that looks professional without any design experience. 

3. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is an online logo maker tool with a straightforward design customization process that does not require any learning curve. The tool lets you choose a logo template quickly so that you can start your design work immediately without going deep into it. 

Start with ‘Create New Project’ and search for logos in the search bar. Then pick a free template and start customizing your YouTube logo by dragging colors etc., elements. 

4. Fotor  

Fotor is another helpful online design tool to create YouTube channel logos and other designs for social media posts. Many gorgeous templates are available for free with this tool and many more with a premium account. 

Customizing your logo is super easy in a few quick steps. You need to pick a logo size of your choice when customizing the design and get many logo inspiration from its search bar. 

5. The Hoth  

The Hoth is perhaps the simplest of all logo makers because of its sleek interface. You can edit different elements quickly in a few steps only when customizing the YouTube logo as per your design requirements. Changing size, shape, and colors is real quick and easy with this DIY software. 

All you do to create a logo is go to the logo maker and add symbols, text, shape, etc. You can also choose a YouTube thumbnail size. Then experiment and customize to your satisfaction and when finally done creating the logo, save the image and download it. 

6. Jimdo  

Jimbo is a free logo maker tool to create a logo for a YouTube channel. You create a profile and start customizing your logo with several design elements from the software. It is an easy DIY tool to use for design quality for your YouTube niche logo. 

With Jimbo, you can design something that looks unique and professional. Its interface is easy to learn, and it lets you edit several elements of your logo design. 

7. Hatchful 

Hatchful by Shopify is another free logo maker that you can easily explore as your thumbnail maker for your YouTube channel. Its interface allows you to create your logo using several design options. You can access plenty of design templates to choose the one that suits your YouTube niche. 

For inspiration, the logo maker gives you many logos in your specific category of business. All the editing tools are available to you to customize your logo.

8. Logo Factory

Logo maker tool from Logo Factory will help you in quickly designing your YouTube channel logo. It lets you create new-age Wordmark-style logos for free. All you will need to do is provide your business name and then pick colors, fonts, and icons from a vast library.

It has all the essential editing tools to give you the power of customizing your design as you wish to give personality to your niche logo. 

9. Wix 

Wix logo maker is another free logo builder that you can use to customize your thumbnail maker for the YouTube channel niche. Give your business name and some other routine information to the software, and then it will let you have access to its library of colors, hues, fonts, images related to your business niche, etc. 

With the different modern editing tools with this software, you can easily customize your design as many times as you want. You will have full commercial rights over the logos you create free with this tool. 

10. Ucraft

Ucraft logo-making software has thousands of royalty-free icons/images that you can use to create your YouTube channel logo. Just explore its library of visuals such as shapes, colors, lines, text, etc., and pick the ones that you find suitable to customize your logo.

After designing your logo, you can download the logo in PNG file format with a transparent background for free. But you will be paying for a high-resolution vector file. 

Wrapping Up 

You can make your YouTube channel stand out by creating its unique logo or thumbnail that conveys your brand message immediately. An online logo maker like the ones mentioned above can help you design your logo on your own without any experience. These are the best tools equipped with all the editing features and colors, fonts, etc., elements that you can pick to design your logo automatically. 

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