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Fusion weddings have been a sensitive subject for quite some time now. It makes people uncomfortable and uneasy. However, as fusion weddings are becoming popular – we felt that it’s about time that we discussed tips for planning a fusion wedding. It is important to understand that your parents and grandparents will be new to this concept; hence, creating an event with smooth wedding activities progression is important while the guests mingle between the two cultures. As wedding planners in Dubai, we have compiled a brief list of crucial matters for your convenience.

Looking for an Officiant

You need a lot of time for this.

Many priests refuse to perform services of a fusion wedding but it is not impossible. You will have to ask around. Do you know any interfaith/fusion wedding around you? Start by asking them who conducted their ceremony. Ask your community and your social circle. Get in touch with local organizations. Finding a reliable and trustworthy officiate is crucial.

We have noticed that some of our Sikh clients who have a fusion wedding end up setting the Guru Granth Sahib at home and a member of the family participate in the religious ceremony. This is a feasible option for such fusion couples.

You could even have two ceremonies for both religions. In such situations, you should select an officiant who would put you at ease and believes in your union wholeheartedly.

Involve Families

This step should be taken at an initial stage. Although, this is the most difficult step as they may not expect a fusion wedding and would most probably take a lot of time to accept this match. They will take time to overcome the shock that you are straying from your traditions but they will come around.

Be open and truthful with them. Understand that this is a big deal for them too. Don’t get too defensive. Be respectful. Be patient. They will eventually warm up to this idea.

As wedding planners in Dubai, we have observed that fusion weddings of couples whose parents were aware of the fusion match a lot earlier were happy about the whole deal. They even participated happily during the fusion wedding which also made the wedding planning a convenient and smooth task for us.

Discuss Values

Discuss values with your family. Moral values. Life values. Ethical values.

This will help in establishing a soft ground between both parties as they will understand that you will stay the same. This discussion will act as an assurance for them that you will remain you and continue to be their loving child. Eventually, they will participate in your wedding planning with zeal and zest.

Surprising them with the news just a week or two before the wedding would be overwhelming for them. They need time to wrap their head around the idea of a fusion wedding. They might have multiple questions. Answer them all. Encourage them to ask you everything.

As wedding planners in Dubai, we understand that fusion weddings can be dramatic for some people but the purpose of the tips mentioned above was to ensure that you prepare yourself mentally for everything.

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