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Top 5 MMA safety gear items

Every sport needs proper gear to add safety and to reduce the risk of potential injuries during training. MMA is no different, as it is one of the most physical sports in the world, chances of injuries during training increase when you do not wear proper safety attire.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) can be dangerous support if safety precautions are not taken. Many parents encourage their youth to take up this sport due to its extensive physical and mental health benefits. And today an increasing number of health and fitness centers are offering classes and training of MMA to youth, teens, and adults.

Despite the injuries risk, this combat art is one of the most appraised and popular sports in which people all over the globe share a passion. With the use of proper athletic attire, you can increase both performance and safety in your training sessions.

For those of you who are new to the world of MMA and don’t know about the safety attire items here are the top 5 clothing items you must wear for maximum performance and safety during your classes.

1- Gloves

Not wearing gloves exposes your knuckles and increases the chances of injuries, bruises, and can leave you with bags under your eyes or under your opponent’s eyes.

Chances are if you do not have proper fighting gloves you will not be allowed in the training sessions or your coach will give you a spare pair of gloves (it’s best that you don’t count on that though). Either way, it is important that you buy fighting gloves before going to the learning center. We recommend Elite Sports MMA gloves for maximum protection.

2- Shorts

The very idea of wearing your tight jeans and funky t-shirts to an MMA training session is absurd. You cannot wear casual clothing inside the ring. You will need proper attire that is built for making you comfortable and improve your mobility during training so you can deliver various offense and defense techniques effectively.

Shorts play a vital role when it comes to improving your comfortability and mobility level inside a ring. Various techniques like chokes, leg locks, submission locks cannot be effectively delivered if you can’t move freely.

We recommend Elite Sport’s MMA shorts that can improve your mobility and ability to perform rapid maneuvers inside the ring.

3- Rash guards

Inside the ring, there are other dangers than of suffering a direct hit from your opponent. The ring itself can expose you to a number of health risks that you may not see coming. All the fitness trainers, coaches, students use the same ring for all of their training sessions.

And you cannot even imagine how much sweat the ring matt absorb in a single day. This provides bacteria a perfect place to stem and if you get a scratch or a cut inside the ring you will get instantly exposed to numerous infections like ringworm.

Therefore, to ensure you only get in tip-top shape while preventing such malicious infections make sure you wear your rash guards.

4- Knee pads

In a single session of the MMA, you will use your leg countless times. All the different exercises that require you to hit a punching bag or opponent repeatedly with your legs and not to mention painful leg locks can do real damage to your knees.

In order to prevent knee or leg pain after your training classes. Make sure you wear knee pads for maximum protection of your legs against both unintended accidents or submissions go wrong.

5- Ankle supports or wraps

Your ankles play a crucial role in all the activities not only in a ring but also outside it. All the workout practices and techniques involved in this fighting discipline will require you to move rapidly while delivering foot-based maneuvers and dislocation of the ankle or experiencing ankle pain is very common in this type of support.

Therefore, as a beginner, you will need to protect as much of your body parts as possible while practicing this sport. You can get rid of the extra safety items when you get more experience and become a pro. Until then your focus should be on learning this fighting art while enjoying its extensive health benefits.

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