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You have a long motorcycle road trip planned for the day and it is a sunny day outside. You get up from your bed, take a shower, eat your breakfast, pack your stuff, and just when you are ready to leave, you see the dynamics of the weather change and it begins to rain.

Believe me, the weather can change just like that and your plans for the day can be ruined. Most often you may want to sit back, relax, and stay at home and wait for the weather to clear up. But there will be times when changing or modifying your plans will not be an option.

What will you do in that case? Will you let a little rainfall ruin your trip plans? I hope not. Weather situations can change very quickly as you cannot control the weather. The best way to tackle climate change is to be prepared for anything.


As a biker, going on distant adventurous places is inevitable. It is highly likely that you will face many different climates and rain will be one of them. In this article, we especially want to raise awareness about the importance of motorcycle rain gear because rain makes the road wet that can cause slipperiness, and make traveling dangerous.

Wet roads ultimately mean more risk of accidents and proper apparel can save you in such situations and prevent any major life-threatening injuries. To bring more light on the issue here are some reasons why causal clothing while riding in the rain is not recommended and why you need motorbike rain attire.

Increased chances of accidents

Most bikers will not even ride in wet climates, to begin with. The reason why wet climates are avoided is due to low visibility and increased road slipperiness. Even applying brakes on the wet road can cause the bike to slip and without proper concentration and focus from the rider the chances of a fall increases drastically.

Slow commuting

Due to low visibility and watery roads, people try to drive their vehicles slowly to avoid crashes. You cannot expect in such weather situations to ride at top speeds or most of the time expect to reach your destinations on time. In such climate situations, long traffic jams are only natural and can burn your bike’s fuel very rapidly.

Mud, dirt, and whatnot.

No matter how experienced a bike rider you are, or how many miles you have traveled in your life. When you travel on your motorcycle in rainy climates it will leave your bike dirty and covered in mud. Mud and dirt can dry up and stuck to your bike’s parts that will ultimately bring down the performance of your two-wheeler.

Similarly, there is a laundry list of implications that a rainy climate can force you and your bike to face. Therefore proper predation for such situations is imperative. Don’t know what you need to prepare for such climates? Don’t sweat it, we have got you covered.

A rain gear suite

The first and foremost attire item you need to cope with rainy weather is to reinforce yourself with a rain gear suite.  If you do not have one in your wardrobe, we suggest you go for Viking Cycle’s Motorcycle rain gear attire.

It will protect your full body and will not let you get wet. Several built-in water-resistant pockets will also protect your belonging from getting wet.

Motorcycle Vest

It is simply not a good idea if you think that you can wear your rain-gear even when the rain stops. The road trip might be a long one and you should be able to breathe easily and wearing full body rain-suites can make you tired.


To enjoy the cool, soothing air after the rain is finished you need to wear a motorcycle vest. We encourage you to check out Viking Cycle’s motorcycle vests for maximum comfortability during long road trips.

To avoid making several stops on the way and wait for the rainfall to stop. It is best that you wear right attire and go through the drizzling climates and reach your destinations according to your planned schedules. One more major benefit of proper motorbike rainfall apparel is that it will make you look sportier and will increase your aesthetics while providing you the necessary roadside safety in case of a fa

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