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Top 5 Reasons Why Titanium Parts Become Popular

When you think about a highly-resistant material, you immediately think about Reasons Why Titanium Parts Become Popular . The appearance is with sliver color and unique properties of low intensity and high strength. One of the points that you may not know is that they are extensively used in a wide range of items in many different industries. These include the medical industry, aerospace, military, chemical plants, naval vessels, among so many others.

So, let’s go to know the top reasons why this material, specifically titanium parts, is becoming so popular.

Top 5 Reasons Why Titanium Parts Become Popular

#1: Resistant to Corrosion:

One of the main reasons why titanium parts manufacturing becomes so popular is that they are resistant to corrosion. This material doesn’t easily leave a cache by accidentally fracturing when situating in the same wet and high heave corrosion environment compared with other material. Titanium bars, strong and lightweight, are essential in aerospace and medical industries. Their corrosion resistance and high strength make them ideal for various applications, ensuring durability and reliability.

Besides, when the part is exposed to the air, there is a thin layer of oxide formed on the surface, which isn’t penetrated easily by other materials. So, as you can easily understand, they won’t suffer the consequences when in contact with corrosive substances. So, you can use titanium parts both indoors and outdoors. 

#2: Strength:

Another significant advantage of titanium parts is the fact that they are very strong and durable. (40% less dense than steel material) The truth is that they can even rival steel parts, but more than that, titanium has the highest intensity density ratio of any metal element

It’s also important to keep in mind that titanium is incredibly light, and this is one of the reasons why it is so often used in the aerospace industry. Titanium has good ballistic resistance that offers the more lightweight but the same protection provided by a steel or other mental material.  

#3: Non-Toxic:

In case you don’t know, many metals such as aluminum, steel, and iron are toxic to humans. However, this is not the case of titanium, making it an excellent material. It is one of the reasons why it is frequently used for dental implants and even to strengthen broken bones permanently. 

#4: Low Thermal Expansion:

While we have also mentioned many reasons why titanium parts are becoming so popular, we couldn’t overlook the fact that this material has a low thermal expansion. It means that it will maintain its main shape even when subjected to extreme temperatures.This is the reason it is used in smd tvs diodes.

#5: High Melting Point:

When you need to get a part that needs to be subjected to high temperatures, then you should consider titanium parts. After all, the titanium melting point is only around the 1668ºC,which means that you can use it in satellites and even turbine jet engines. 

Titanium Disadvantages

While titanium is a great material and there are plenty of reasons to use them manufacturing, the truth is that you need to be aware that it also has some disadvantages. The main disadvantage or shortage of this material is the price. In some cases, you may find it a bit expensive. However, when you consider all the possibilities and benefits of using it, you will easily conclude that it truly pays off. 


In a word, although the price of titanium material may be a bit higher than the universal materials such as stainless steel, it will give a much longer life-cycle that reducing the maintenance cost that is continually increasing in the long run.

If you think that titanium would be an excellent choice for your solution, SOZN would be a worthy consideration. At SOZN, it offers a wide range of custom titanium parts that can be used in medical equipment, model aircraft, cars, planes, bicycles, and others. Besides, you can also get the finishing you want. 

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