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There are good and not-so-good teachers. Certain characteristics make a person capable of attracting students and the absence of certain characteristics may make a person unpopular. How can a person be a bad teacher? A person who is not committed to the teaching job is a bad one. The one whose sole purpose is to gain monetary appreciation only is the absolute example of a not-so-good teacher.


Commencing the class, lecturing, writing on board, assigning homework is the responsibility of the teacher. Teachers who communicate by cross-questioning, making students describe their understanding, calling them out for responses anytime throughout the session are the ones who go beyond their basic responsibility of teaching. Does a good teacher have to know whether he/she has successfully conveyed the content of the topic? The answer is yes. No point in teaching if the student doesn’t get the grip on it. Back-forth between teacher and student is necessary.


Some students are difficult to teach. Good teachers are adaptable. They either mold themselves to be able to get to the level of a student or they raise the student to their level. When you have a student, you have to make them learn. A good teacher doesn’t leave the student on his/her will to study; they make them study even if they have to force them towards it. Forcing now will benefit them in the longer run.

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A good teacher always has a plan to follow. Targets are to be achieved, and courses to be completed. They never let the content piled up till the end of the session. A clear strategy is made and the student has to follow it without questioning it. The majority of the students stay in the relaxation mode until the time they are handed the schedule for the tests, then they scramble for the completion. A good teacher will not let their students relax. There is going to be a constant learning process continued.


A good teacher is consistent. They won’t let the uninterested student off the hook easily. They strategize by piling up the work on students and make them respond. Continued pressure will make the student do some of the work at first then more and more when they start grasping the concepts.

Enhancing self-ability

New techniques are being discovered, a good teacher always wants to get better, convey better, make their students improve, and teach them as best as they are capable. For this, they don’t rely only on textbooks and what they already know; they look for the updated technique and content and convey them to their students effectively.

Good teachers are rare. Commercialism and lack of other opportunities attract people to teach and earn money but they cannot go far in this con.

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