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When a student enrolls in the best universities in Rajasthan, the primary focus is on excelling in academics. The study pattern and the curriculum are more extensive and different from that at the school level. A lot of times students get so overwhelmed by the vast syllabus that they forget to work on skills other than academics. An undergraduate student needs to work on certain behavioral and soft skills for overall personality development. These skills also help them at the time of their recruitment by companies and in their career growth.

Time management

Time management does not mean that a student tries to fill every minute of their day with an activity. It is mindful scheduling of classes, activities, and appointments on the calendar so that the student can achieve academic goals while remaining relaxed enough to get involved in extracurricular activities and enjoying the social aspects of college life. Some keys steps for time management are:

  • Making a list of all the curricular and extracurricular activities for the semester and plotting them on a calendar/planner.
  • Marking the deadline for each activity so there is no last-minute rush
  • Assigning time each day/week for these activities and following the planner

Study Skills

One study style does not fit all and every student must make a study plan accordingly. Some students do well with the visual medium while others are comfortable with writing and learning methods. A highly visual person can create simple illustrations to break down complex ideas. The note-taking kind students can read the assigned portions of the textbook, and make their notes/note cards. By determining an effective study style students can enhance their productivity.

Research skills

The college curriculum does not revolve merely around textbooks. Students from the best universities in Rajasthan must refer to other studies and research material on different subjects. Sometimes there are reference books prescribed by the professors for each subject that can help a student understand each topic thoroughly. They can also visit the college library or refer to the web for additional information on a topic. However, doing the research alone is not enough. Students must concisely collate the information for an easy referral at the time of exams.

Research skills also come in handy at the time of writing research papers as assignments. Students must be well versed in the research style in which they are supposed to submit the research (e.g. APA, MLA styles, etc.)

Social or Networking skills

A student must develop these skills during their undergraduate years in best private universities in Rajasthan. These skills help a student in connecting with students of various faculties. The relationships built throughout college life can have an immense impact on a student’s life after college for years to come. Students must work on their social skills to increase their circle.

A good way of doing it is through F.O.R.M. According to this social technique, if a person can converse with people about their Family, Occupation, Recreational activities, and/or their Motivations, then these people are more likely to develop a friendship.

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