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If we all start helping needy people, the picture of the earth will be different. So, it’s a primary objective which should be fulfilled by every human being. Different countries across the world have been suffering from this disease, poverty. The difference between rich and poor is vast. Only we can solve this issue by helping this society. Then only this world can grow, and it’ll become a better place for living.

Before that, we need to understand why these people are suffering. They have been suffering for generations after generations because of improper knowledge. They don’t get the opportunity of getting an education. Along with that, they don’t have the proper amenities to take caution.

In that case, you can donate your money to those NGOs that help them to receive proper education and solve their health issues by offering appropriate medicines. Lok Kalyan Samiti is such an NGO that which has been doing great work since 1952.

How to help needy people in India

  1. Sponsor a child’s education

Lok Kalyan Samiti is an excellent NGO that has received many awards for helping poor and deprived people. Most of these deprived people cannot bear the fees of schools as they are migrant workers. So, their children drop out of the school to support them by working in this little age.

Lok Kalyan Samiti has started this holistic development programme, Sponsor a Child in India under which you can donate Rs.5,000/- every year to sponsor a child’s education, or you can directly contribute Rs.55,000/- to sponsor a child’s education from Balwadi to class X. This is the best way to help an underprivileged child. (best source)

  1. Cataract surgery treatment

The first one was all about helping children who are the backbone of our country. This one is for those who want you to be their backbone. This is again an excellent venture of Lok Kalyan Samiti.  Cataract patients can get help by Lok Kalyan Samiti as they arrange surgery camps for free for these people. The best thing is, only trained staff, and experienced ophthalmologists take care of this whole process. It’s a 40-bed hospital with an advanced Operation Theatre. They arrange it two times a week, and people can get done their cataract surgeries for free.

You can donate Rs 1000 for one person or you Rs 50, 000to sponsor a full camp. Nothing can be more helpful than giving someone a new vision.

  1. Don’t waste food

There are thousands of people in your area who sleep on a daily basis without food. It leads them towards malnutrition. If you want to prevent this hunger death, start donating food to them. At least you can give the leftovers. In this way, you can avoid food wastage too.

  1. Take proper action

You can directly visit those slum areas where people really need your help. From education to medicine, there are many ways to help them. If you cannot reach these places directly, you can pay online to NGOs like Lok Kalyan Samiti. They will donate your money to these needy people, and you can even track how they are using your hard-earned money.

  1. Donate clothes

After food, clothes are a necessary item to survive. So, you can donate your used clothes to them especially in winter. It’ll help them a lot.

So, you can try these ways to spread happiness among these needy people.

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