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Do you ever dream of having your own business?

Well, I guess more than half of the population will say “Yes“.

Some even got successful, and some are still struggling with their business ideas.

Isn’t that true?

So, where are they lacking?

Do they lack funds, or their business idea is not strong enough?

This article will help many struggling business people establish their own business successfully with less investment and entry barriers.

Now you must be thinking, what is that wonderful business idea?

Well, it is “Reseller Hosting“. Are you asking yourself, what is reseller hosting? Continue reading and you will find out everything you need to know.

Earlier, there were only a few large Web hosting companies that used to play on this monopoly. The server setup and maintenance is very costly; that’s why small companies couldn’t afford to venture into this business even if they wanted to.

But today, with the introduction of Reseller Hosting, new start-ups and small businesses can quickly jump into this Web hosting business and establish their own brand name while earning huge profits.


Now, let’s first know what reseller hosting is, and then we will introduce you to the top 10 things you should know about Reseller hosting.


What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting refers to Web hosting where the large Web hosting companies offer their hosting resources, i.e., bandwidth and disc space in bulk to their customers who further utilize these resources make new hosting packages and put their own brand name on these packages and resell them to their end customers at their own prices.

Here in Reseller Hosting, the customers have a choice to either put their own name on their hosting packages or use the parent company’s name. But if you are starting your own business, you better use your own name on the hosting packages. The customers also have full freedom to set their own prices and customize their package with add-on software, applications, etc to earn more profit than their competitors.

The Wisesolution is one the best Reseller Hosting Providers in India that offers industry-grade resources with all types of Reseller hosting plans to its customers at the lowest price. The Wisesolution also offers 24/7 customer support, 7 days money-back guarantee, and instant deployment with all its Reseller hosting plans.


First Thing


Types of Reseller Hosting


After learning Reseller Hosting in depth, now it’s a time to roll your eyes towards its types, where a person gets different options to invest in.

The different types of Reseller Hosting are as follows:


Linux Reseller Hosting: In Linux Reseller Hosting, the parent hosting company offers an option to its customers to rent their Linux Web hosting space to a third party. The parent company’s customers can further present themselves as the hosting company to their end customers and charge the price for their Linux Reseller Hosting plan according to their will. Linux is an open-source operating system; therefore, its licensing is free for everyone.


The cheap Linux Reseller hosting plan of wisesolution starts @549/month. The wisesolution offers 100 GB Disc space, 25 cPanel accounts, unlimited bandwidth, email ids, domain and subdomains, My SQL Database and FTP accounts, free SSL Certificate, Website builder and softaculous, weekly backup, malware cleaner, Cloudlinux optimized, etc with all its Reseller Hosting Linux Plans.


Windows Reseller Hosting: In Windows Reseller Hosting, the parent company offers windows Web hosting space to its customers, which they can further resell as if they are themselves a hosting company. The Windows are compatible with all the Microsoft applications and software and hence the best hosting solution for people with less technical knowledge.


The Wisesolution offers a cheap windows reseller hosting plan @399/per month. This plan of Reseller hosting windows include 100GB disc space, unlimited bandwidth and email ids, 25 Plesk Cpanel control, free SSL certificate, My SQL Database, Malware cleaner, website builder, softaculous, and multiple PHP Versions.


WHMCS Reseller Hosting: It is an automation tool that helps in the smooth running and managing of your Reseller Hosting business. Adding WHMCS Reseller Hosting to your hosting package, you can perform a various task with ease, such as creating and setting up accounts for your clients, provide technical support, terminate and suspend any account in case of non-payment of fees or abuse, generating an invoice, instant provisioning – all in one click.


The Wisesolution offers Cheap WHMCS Reseller Hosting @1550/per month. This plan of Reseller Hosting with WHMCS includes 100 GB Disc space, 75 domain hosts, WHMCS for upto 250 clients only, unlimited bandwidth, My SQL Database and Email Accounts, 25 cPanel accounts, free SSL certificate, and much more.


Second Thing


Why is Reseller Hosting essential and popular?

Reseller Hosting is essential and popular because of the following reasons:

  • Low Investment
  • Lesser entry barriers
  • No server maintenance cost required.
  • It is an excellent addition for web developers and web designers who already have a good no. of clients.
  • No technical expertise required by a Reseller
  • Fulfil the increasing demand for a personalization hosting solution.
  • Huge profit


Third Thing


What Features should you look at before buying your Reseller Hosting Package?


  • cPanel Account: It is one of the essential features of Reseller Hosting as it helps you manage and handle various server configurations with a secured and web-based interface.
  • WHM For Linux Hosting: While opting for Linux Reseller Hosting, WHM is a must to include with the package. The WHM stands for Web Host Manager, which helps in your Linux Reseller Hosting business’s smooth operation and gives full assistance in managing your client’s accounts.
  • Plesk For Windows: If you choose to opt for a windows Reseller hosting plan, you will need Plesk cPanel for effective and secure management for all the Hosting you resell to your potential users.
  • WHMCS: It stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution which helps in automating your Reseller hosting business. With WHMCS, you can easily control the payment of your customers, generate invoices, etc.
  • Softaculous: A one-click installer that helps you install more than 350 software and applications in just one click. Suppose you wish to remove or upgrade any app on your website, that also you can do with a few clicks.

Fourth Thing


What would be the investment cost for your Reseller Hosting Business?

Before starting any new business, we all need to invest a few amounts. Therefore before starting a Reseller hosting business, it is better to know where all you will be required to invest money:

  • Purchasing the best and unique Domain name relating to your niche.
  • Buying web hosting to host your business website
  • Building and designing your website
  • Support Resources such as live chat option, customer care number, etc
  • Marketing costs to promote your business on different paid and unpaid platforms.

Fifth Thing


What are the different ways to market your Web Hosting Business website?

  • Post Knowledgeable blogs on your website to engage your visitors for a longer time and boost your SEO ranking.
  • Many business Directories are available online, scrap them and list your Reseller Hosting Business there.
  • Write guest blogs on your business niche for high authority websites. The backlinks from high authority websites help in SEO ranking.
  • Promote your business via email marketing.
  • Publish a press release about your achievements, services, plans, and packages.
  • Build Social Media pages on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., to engage more and more potential customers by promoting your brand.


Sixth Thing


What are the different ways to Rank your Reseller Hosting Business Website organically?


  • Figure out the list of keywords relating to your business niche.
  • Using Keywords, write a good piece of content on your Reseller Hosting business website.
  • Optimize your page titles
  • Write Meta Description using free tool SEO mofo.
  • Keep your URLs short and precise, i.e. up to 4-5 words.
  • Keep sharing your data on Social media as well.



Hopefully, this guide helped you to learn everything one requires to start his/her own web hosting business. After you decide which Reseller hosting is most suitable for you, start exploring top Web hosting providers in the markets that offer cheap yet best Reseller hosting packages to its customers. I recommend Wisesolution due to its high-quality resources and hosting services that no one can beat in the Web hosting market. The Wisesolution offers unlimited Linux Reseller hosting, Unlimited Windows reseller hosting and unlimited Reseller hosting with whmcs all at the most reasonable price with outstanding features and benefits.

If you still have any doubts or queries, please write to us in the comment section.

Happy Hosting!


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