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Top 7 Field Service Power Metrics 2018 Are you in search of Top 7 Field Service Power Metrics 2018 ? then you are in right place Service-oriented companies have started adopting new technologies and advanced software to track down and to manage their workforce. In today’s era, there are plenty of software providers available in the market which offer the best of management services to Field Service companies. In fact, Field Service Management is crucial to see growth in your company. KloudGin is one of the most reliable FSM Software suppliers. It offers Cloud-based software to store data and improve the overall productivity of the firm. Most Field Service management software companies do not become aware of the Power Metrics which are very crucial for the company and its workers. If you know these Power Metrics, you will be able to track down everything and will eventually see proper growth in selling and in productivity as well. Today, we will discuss top Field Service Power Metrics which you should know about.

  1. First Time Fix Rate
If your workers are doing a good job and completing the given assignments at first visit, the Firth Time Fix Rate of your firm would be increased eventually. If your workers are returning without completing the tasks, it will leave bad impressions. For that reason, you should focus on improving the First Time Fix Rate of the firm.
  1. Response Time
Understand your company’s average response time. Keep track of the timing your company is taking after a call from the customer. By understanding the Response Time, it will give you more ideas about other tasks, and you would be able to provide more efficient services to the other customers as well. New advance tools use Artificial Intelligence which lets the technicians finish the tasks in less time. Provide your technicians with useful tools, and they will complete their jobs quickly.
  1. Time to repair
Service-oriented company’s growth is depending upon the timing to repair a particular machine. Tracking down the schedule your technicians take to complete a task will also help you to manage the workers and tasks. By calculating this timing, you can receive more calls and offer more assignments to the technicians. With new technology and advanced tools, technicians take less time to complete or repair the task.
  1. Repeat Visits
Repeat visits count the number of visits your technician or team is taking to accomplish the given task. Repeat visits are not ideal for your company and its future. You should focus on increasing the First Time Fix Rate of the firm by providing on-time service with the first visit. Appoint a technician who is good at a particular task, and he will complete that task accurately in less time. It would be much easier for him as well. If you start assigning the tasks to the technicians who are experts, they will finish the task with the first visit and help you to see instant growth in the productivity.
  1. Utilization
Utilization of your workers’ and technicians’ productive hours helps you to manage, or we can say organize tasks. Always focus on improving your services by utilizing the productivity of your technicians and workers. If the workforce is not up to the mark, your company will not see the desired goals in the given timeframe. Focus on completing the tasks before the deadline, and this happens by utilization.
  1. Maintenance Contract
Many service-oriented companies are offering contracts to their customers. These contacts are significant for your company, and you should provide excellent services to the customers who have opted for your company’s contract. If you don’t offer useful services to them, after completing the deal, they will not repeat it. It is better for your company to provide services to these people on priority and they will always stick to you for lifelong. Existing customers are the base of your company, and you should never ignore their calls.
  1. Tracking the Growth
Critical Metrics always help your company to organize and manage different tasks properly. If you focus well on good metrics, your company will see instant growth, and as a result, your company’s productivity will be increased. Your workers and technicians will be happy as well. By tracking down the service time and providing proper services to your customers, your customers too will be satisfied.]]>

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