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Learn Reliable Approaches of Migrating to Office 365 from Lotus Notes Many users these days look for the method for migrating to Office 365 from Lotus Notes. To address this query, the post will discuss some useful techniques to convert from Lotus Notes to Office 365. [caption id="attachment_4432" align="alignnone" width="300"]Migrating to Office 365 from Lotus Notes  [/caption] Office 365 is one of the trending office productivity suites, and that makes many organizations take interest to subscribe to its services. A large number of its subscribers are migratory, which means they used to be the users of some other suites. One such suite is Lotus Notes, whose popularity is declining and most of its subscribers are moving to Office 365. We all know that migrating between one productivity suite to another requires data migration too. For this reason, we will share some reliable techniques of Lotus Domino to Office 365 migration. Continue reading this write-up as we will move straight to the methods of this data transfer. How to Migrate from Lotus Notes to Office 365 There are two popular ways to export data from Notes to MS Office 365. In this segment, we will provide stepwise guide to both the methods. These methods are known as manual method and reliable method.

  • Manual Method for Convert from Lotus Notes to Office 365
Manual data migration from Lotus Notes email to Office 365 can be performed using IMAP connection. The full procedure is divided into three parts. We will talk about all the parts with complete steps.   Note: Before you proceed to perform this method, make sure to take a backup of your IBM Notes data. This backup will be helpful if some errors occur during the migration and cause data corruption. Part A: Creating New Lotus Notes Mailbox The first thing you need to do is to create a new mailbox within Lotus Notes mailbox. For multiple users, multiple mailboxes have to be created considering one mailbox for each user. Part B: Enabling IMAP TCP/IP Port for IBM Notes Users Now, you need to enable “IMAP TCP/ IP Port” using the below steps:  
  1. Launch IBM Lotus Notes and open Domino Administrator.
  2. Find the tab named “Configuration” and click on it.
  3. Now, open that server document which can execute IMAP service.
  4. Click on Ports and then on Internet Ports. Select Mail
  5. Enable Mail (IMAP) option for the option “TCP/IP port status.
  Migrating to Office 365 from Lotus Notes  
  1. Click Save when changes are done.
  Part C: Sync IBM Notes with Office 365 with the help of IMAP Connector   This is the last stage of manual method to convert from Lotus Notes to Office 365. At this point, only data synchronization is left to be conducted. After you enable “TCP/IP port status,” you will be able to synchronize data between Office 365 and Lotus Notes. After syncing, export folders from Lotus Notes to MS Office 365.
  • Drawbacks Faced while Migrating to Office 365 from Lotus Notes
People who have conducted this manual method have complained about some issues. Here we have compiled the main limitations of this manual IBM Notes to Office 365 export process.
  • File Size Limit: There is a restriction about how much data can be transferred using IMAP connector. This method using IMAP connector allows maximum 1 GB Notes mailbox transfer.
  • Risk of Data Loss: Like every other manual method, this one also contains the risk of data loss or data corruption. That is why, users must take backup of Lotus mailbox prior to export.
  • Firewall Issues: Firewall often creates problem in this process. Since Proxy and Firewall do not let Lotus Notes to get connected with Internet, the method becomes impossible to perform.
  • Offline Lotus Notes Problems: Using this method, only the online Lotus Notes items can be migrated. Offline or disabled Lotus Notes email data is not possible to export.
  • Reliable Solution for Migrating to Office 365 from Lotus Notes
To avoid the drawbacks of manual conversion, users tend to choose an alternative way which is reliable too. SysTools Lotus Notes to O365 Migrator Tool is considered as a reliable solution to perform exporting NSF files from IBM Notes to O365. Some of the highlighted features of this tool are:  
  • Supports to migrate from Lotus Notes to Office 365
  • Transfers multiple Lotus Notes mailboxes into MS Office 365
  • Allows selective or complete Lotus Notes mailbox to Office 365
  • Exports Contact Group from IBM Notes NSF file to Office 365 suite
  • Maintains Internet Header and data integrity even after data migration
  • Features the option to exclude duplicate contacts during mailbox transfer
  Expert Opinion It is clear from the above discussion that manual method is not the best way for migrating to Office 365 from Lotus Notes. It has a number of disadvantages and some of them can lead to data loss. That is why, experienced professionals of the relevant field always suggest the alternative method to convert from Lotus Notes to Office 365. Since the aforementioned tool can perform the migration without any problem, users should go for the application.  ]]>

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