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Are you struggling with increasing the Instagram engagement rate of your brand?

Your struggle ends here. We have some amazing Instagram hacks for increasing the engagement rate of your brand. 

Almost every business is just going crazy to increase the engagement rate of your Instagram brand. That is why the competition is too high in the Instagram space. But with the amazing hack that we have curated for you, you will be able to be a few steps forward. 

Top Instagram Hacks For Increasing The Engagement Rate

You might not be familiar with the fact that the Instagram algorithm changes continuously. In this scenario, you can not be in the limelight for a really long time when you are using the same old methods. 

Now is the time to opt for some amazing hacks and get real instagram followers. Let’s have a look at them. 

Instagram Hack 1: Optimize Your Profile For Instagram Search

If you are considering Instagram only as a social media platform, you are absolutely wrong. 

Here’s the truth, it is a search engine. Your customers are searching you with keywords that are related to your business. If you are not showing up here, obviously, your competitor will. 

When someone is searching, the two things will be shown on the search results. They are; 

  • Your handle. 
  • Your name.  

Instagram Hack 2: Post At Optimal Time

More than 500 million users are using Instagram on a regular basis. This statistic is of no use to you. You need to focus on when your followers are using Instagram. You need to utilize the time. This way, you will be able to post your content at best possible time. 

This way, you can come in front of more of your audiences. You simply can not miss this particular opportunity to increase your engagement rate. 

Instagram Hack 3: Re-engage Your Community

The algorithm of Instagram prioritizes engagement, especially the engagement your post is receiving in the first hour of posting something. Comments are one of the major metrics that users often overlook. 

However, it is the simplest way to make an engagement. It is as important as saves, shares, and likes. Here, you need to reply to as many comments as possible to increase the engagement rate. 

Instagram Hack 4: Post More Frequently

You have to be frequent on Instagram when it comes to posting content. You must post at least one single post every day. 

It is the bare minimum. 

When you gradually increase the number of posts, you are actually increasing the chances of engagement. You also can develop a relationship with those who are frequently engaging with your posts. 

Instagram Hack 5: Post What Is Already Working

If it is not broken, there is no need to fix it. 

When you are creating Instagram content, you need to keep this thing in mind. You just need to be a little more focused to check which content is actually performing. This is the content your audiences want to see from you. 

When you get the idea about what your audiences are linking and wanting, you should be focused on posting those types of content. 

Instagram Hack 6: On Every Post, Use Strategic Hashtags

When you are using hashtags in the proper way, you are actually unlocking massive reach potential for your post, and that too at no additional cost.

Do you know all those Instagram posts which use hashtags increase engagement by at least 12.6% than those posts which do not use hashtags? In order to get 2.5 times more engagement, posts with at least 9 hashtags. 

Instagram Hack 7: Clean Up Your Feed

When you are utilizing the potential of Instagram, there can be some posts that are actually hiring your performance quietly. Time on page is too important for the Instagram algorithm. The more time anyone is pending on your Instagram, the more your relationship will deepen. 

You need to clear out dome of the posts that are irrelevant at present, such as; 

  • Content with retired branding. 
  • Content with lower than average engagement.
  • Content with old promotions. 

To Conclude

Use this Instagram hack to increase your engagement rate. Only following these things blindly is not going to help you in achieving your goals. You need to monitor how they are performing and on the basis of the result need to develop your strategies and planning. 


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