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Companies that provide professional search engine optimization services ensure a better placement in Google search results and increase a company’s reach and brand awareness. But how much time should be planned for search engine optimization?

When the first successes are visible depends on various factors. A professional SEO agency does not promise quick success, because search engine optimization takes time to achieve good results in the long term. Even if the first progress can be seen after just a few weeks, SEO usually takes four to twelve months.

This Affects The Duration Of Search Engine Optimization

With the help of an SEO agency, the factors that are essential for successful search engine optimization can be filtered out and optimized. These factors include the website, competition and search engine.


A structured and user-friendly website forms the basis for being found more easily on Google. The actual situation of a website should be constantly improved and kept up to date.

Technical factors such as page loading time, mobile view and working links are also among the basics of a good website.


In order to create a high level of user-friendliness, the structure of the website should be clear and the menu should be easy to navigate . Navigation is about the user quickly understanding how to navigate through your website menu to reach their destination.

Headings, subheadings and a structure into meaningful paragraphs help the user to be able to scan the page in order to get to the desired information as quickly as possible. Apart from the structure, the placement of valuable backlinks serves to generate more traffic on the website and has a positive influence on search engine optimization.


An optimal page also includes a readable and keyword-focused URL . If the URL does not match the content of the page, Google recognizes this and the ranking gets worse. Since the website is one of the basic factors for the duration of search engine optimization, it is recommended to optimize it first so that search engine optimization can bear fruit. A website that is poorly structured and has technical flaws will take more time to become successful than a website that is already built and working properly.


Another important factor that plays a big part in how long search engine optimization lasts is competition . How long it takes for a website to rank #1 on Google depends on how many competitors there are and how strong they are. Before you start SEO measures on your own website, you should first check the competition.

The following questions should be answered:

  • What keywords did they rank their competitors’ websites for and with how many ?
  • What is the layout and structure of the competitor’s websites ?
  • What is the website’s domain rate?
  • What does the website’s meta title and meta description include ?
  • How much content does the website offer?

Fix Vulnerabilities And Optimize Website

After dealing extensively with the competitors, it is now time to optimize your own website. Keywords can be picked up or added to. It should be noted that no content is copied from another website. Google recognizes this and classifies it as duplicate content .

The search engine Google is the SEO factor that brings the most uncertainty. No matter how well a website is structured or how keyword-relevant the content is, the algorithm that determines the ranking cannot be influenced. It can happen that Google only ranks a top-optimized website better after months. It is therefore important to be patient with search engine optimization .

In addition, the SEO measures of an SEO agency demonstrably contribute to a better ranking. Only the algorithms of the search engines know exactly how the individual ranking factors interact and influence the ranking. However, it is clear that they play together and it is better not to focus on just individual factors such as content creation or backlinks.

A good SEO strategy adapts the various measures to the circumstances of the website and the target group. So it is always an advantage to first identify and eliminate the weak points of your own website in order  to optimize the site according to SEO measures. The duration of SEO is very individual and is set at a period of between four and twelve months.

Success With SEO: This Is What It Brings To Your Company

Search engine optimization takes time and requires patience in order to achieve a high ranking on Google in the long term. Even if it doesn’t look like it at first, it’s worth the wait. With search engine optimization, more customers are generated, the reach is increased and the awareness of the company increases. The traffic on the website increases and more inquiries come in. Achieving sustainable success ensures that the company remains competitive and is found by users in the long term. Search engine optimization fully exploits the potential of a company and ensures better sales and more visibility.

Search Engine Optimization In Practice

An SEO agency first checks your website for weaknesses and sees where there are opportunities for optimization. This should always be done in close consultation with the customer so that the focus is set and the goals are clear. Search engine optimization needs some time just to analyze the company website. However, the previous analysis of the website is essential and serves to select the appropriate SEO measures, individually tailored to the customer. After the initial situation has been comprehensively checked, the implementation of the SEO measures begins

  • Building backlinks: External links are a relevant ranking factor. They generate more traffic to a website and increase the trustworthiness of a site. Not only the number of links is decisive, but also the quality of the links. Backlinks from a well-known website are therefore worth more than those from an unknown website.
  • Keyword research and analysis: High-quality content brings out the right keywords. These are identified through extensive research and analysis. In order for your website to be more visible, you must first determine what users are searching for. If the search intention is known, relevant content can be created.
  • Creation of target group-oriented content: Error-free, high-quality and unique content with added value is an essential part of the

search engine optimization. The creation takes place according to SEO criteria, which are precisely tailored to the respective target group . For this, SEO experts research relevant topics and prepare them professionally in the texts.

  • Optimization of technical factors: Technical factors such as the loading time of a page, the mobile view or structured data influence the duration of search engine optimization and must also be constantly optimized.

Finally, it can be said that good search engine optimization takes time. But with a little patience and perseverance, the wait is worth it, because the successes through long-term SEO speak for themselves.

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