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Burst champions in League of Legends (LoL) can play a key role in online matches. People can choose heroes like Ahri and Seraphine to fight enemies with ranged attacks that can stagger opponents. A majority of pro players in LoL are good at isolating their enemies with Burst champions during international tournaments. 

The developers at LoL spend a fair amount of their time launching events to highlight champions. You can spot Burst champions in music videos and gameplay clips from LoL competitions that rake in millions of views. Burst champions can enter combat in any lane to target dominant players in the enemy team. 

Here’s an overview of the top Burst champions you can play in LoL to improve your strategy. 


Brand can lead the team to victory with his smoldering hot attacks. The ranged champion can take the mid lane to level up faster before roaming the map. Monsters in the jungle are free farming opportunities for Brand, providing more gold to purchase items early in a match. 

He can hurl fireballs using Sear to hit enemies with magical damage. Each instance of Sear can deal over 200 damage to enemies. Brand can max out Sear to make his opponents retreat from the mid lane. It has a low cooldown of 6 seconds, letting Brand nuke his enemies for easy kills. Sear has a range of over 1000 that can be used to hit melee champions in LoL without taking damage during battles. 

Any spell cast by Brand on his enemies can inflict Ablaze. Enemy champions being nuked by Brand are dealt a portion of their maximum health as damage. Ablaze can be stacked up to 3 times. Brand can stun his enemies for up to 1.5 seconds as a bonus granted by Ablaze. You can purchase a Lost Chapter for Brand to increase his mana pool by 300. Lost Chapter costs 1100 gold in the game. 

Brand can strike multiple enemies with Pillar of Flame to regain the advantage in team fights. Spells like Conflagration and Sear can burn enemies to ashes to deal additional damage after casting Pillar of Flame. Buying a Liandry’s Anguish provides 80 Ability Power and 600 mana to Brand. The passive abilities of Liandry’s Anguish make Brand an exceptional Burst champion in LoL. 

Pyroclasm is an ability that will scorch enemy champions in battles. Brand can launch a Pyroclasm to bounce around enemies to mitigate them in his matches. The damage output of his spells can turn Brand into a core champion in international competitions. 


Ahri is a strong choice for claiming kills in LoL matches. She can regenerate health to heal herself by slaying minions and monsters in her lane. She has 590 health and 418 mana at the start of a game. She can deal a ton of damage from her physical attacks to prevent her enemies from gathering gold. 

The Burst champion can escape from team fights by using Fox-Fire. Ahri can increase her movement speed by 40% for a few seconds with Fox-Fire to avoid getting hit by her opponents. Any enemy champion approaching Ahri protected by Fox-Fire will be dealt more than 150 damage per flame. She can activate Essence Theft to regain health on her way out of a battle. 

You can knock back players using Charm to slow champions in the enemy team. Charm consumes 60 mana per cast, leaving you with plenty of mana to use Summoner Spells to move away safely. Ahri can also use Charm to distract her opponents while allies teleport to the base. 

She has several spells that let Ahri chase her enemies. You can buy a Ionian Boots of Lucidity to gain bonus movement speed for the Burst champion. Ahri can cast Spirit Rush on various locations around her on the map to teleport near enemies for kills. 


Seraphine is a support champion with abilities that can slow enemies. Mages like Seraphine can heal their allies to shift the tide of battles. Pro players in LoL esports teams have helped their carry champions obliterate opponents with Seraphine in the team.

Ignite is a Summoner Spell for Seraphine. She can use Ignite with High Note to deal loads of damage in the bottom lane. High Note has a cooldown of 5 seconds and needs 85 mana per cast. Items that grant bonus Ability Power can be pivotal to win matches with the Burst champion. You can purchase a Seraph’s Embrace for Seraphine to gain 70 Ability Power, 860 mana, and 250 health. She can deal over 200 magical damage with High Note per cast with a Seraph’s Embrace in her inventory. 

The ranged champion can guard her allies by casting Surround Sound. Allies near Seraphine can absorb up to 150 damage from incoming attacks after she uses Surround Sound in a fight. Seraphine can reduce the movement speed of her opponents by using Beat Drop. Enemy champions affected by Beat Drop can also be rooted and stunned. 

You can further decrease the movement speed of your opponents by casting Encore during crucial moments of a match. Enemies hit by Encore take more than 250 magical damage from Seraphine. Zhonya’s Hourglass provides 45 armor and 80 Ability Power for Seraphine. She can activate the item after the shield from Surround Sound elapses in combat to sustain damage.  

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