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Folks rarely used hand sanitizers and masks before the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic, but the habits and perceptions have reformed after the unwanted encounter with this virus. Many businesses have been partially or entirely progressing with the advanced transformation happening for them. They have switched their production line to counter the demand-supply shortage.

The industries that dealt with personal care and safety have gotten a fresh boost with an unprecedented surge in the production of sanitizers and masks. Many things were not on the surface all this time about sanitizers, Primo Plastics – packaging and a marginal population used to use them for their safety. So, since they have gone mainstream now and there is an influx in their production and usage, you need to keep a few google fact in mind before you head start and use them full-fledged.

Facts to Watch Out For

Fact #1. Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers Are Effective

Alcohol or non-alcohol based: The dilemma or problem gets bigger and better, but now you can settle this once and for all. While using the hand sanitizers, using the ones with more than 70% alcohol content will kill 99.99% germs. It is very effective against the SARS Cov-2 or Novel Coronavirus. The research done by scientists and professionals concludes that hand sanitizers kill the outer protein lining that allows the virus to penetrate deeper into the skin to cause the infection.

Fact #2. Correct Way to Use the Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers when evenly rub on the hand can effortlessly kill the infection, causing germs. Here is how you need to follow the steps.

Also, make sure that you are keeping your hands away from fire or anything that is highly flammable. The presence of alcohol in the sanitizer makes it highly dangerous in front of the fire.

Fact#3. Effectiveness of Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are meant only for killing germs, but they have a minimal role to play when you want thorough washing for a beautiful view of your hands. For example, if you are performing any sports and, in the process, if your hands are getting dirty. At such times, it is better to clean your hands thoroughly with water and use the hand sanitizers as a disinfectant after the cleaning. It will give double protection against germs, but you cannot rely on hand sanitizers to wipe away the dust, grease or grime. Only soap with water can do the needful in such a situation. Therefore, hand sanitizers are not suitable for a thorough cleaning exercise. You need the help of soap and water when you want both inclusive and exclusive cleaning of the hands.

Fact#4. Hand Sanitizers are more effective in killing the toughest germs

Indeed, there isn’t a doubt about the same. Many invisible germs don’t get killed when you have soap and water as an effective cleaning mechanism. On the contrary, using hand sanitizers have shown significant results where 99.99% germs wiped out with the hand sanitizers containing 70% or more alcohol content.

Fact # 5. Hand Sanitizers are sufficient to kill pimple germs and clean surfaces

Hand sanitizers are not just useful in killing the germs on your hands; rather, they can be used as an efficient disinfectant when you are cleaning your phones and other gadgets. Indeed, they do not damage the appliances and devices since the alcohol quickly disappears in thin air. So, you can use them to clean your hands, surfaces and other equipment for a better disinfectant environment.


These are a few key facts that you must consider while buying the hand sanitizers from an e-Commerce marketplace or a departmental store. It is the time of paying considerable leverage to health and wellness Washing the hands, maintaining social distancing and using hand sanitizers now and then can protect anyone against the Covid-19 infection, thus preventing any fatal misadventure.

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