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Investing in new technology for your business can make it a more engaging place for employees to work, and can improve productivity and output by streamlining processes, saving money and increasing employee satisfaction. Here’s our top five tech products for businesses:




Many offices still use desktop computers – there’s a level of security associated with them (not many people are going to try and sneak away with a computer tower, a keyboard and a monitor, after all). However, as more and more people move towards remote working or hybrid office/home working schedules, it makes sense to deploy laptops. In the office you can keep them secure by locking them away when not in use, and laptops are now just as powerful as desktops so you’re not sacrificing any functionality.


Portable charging devices


Smartphones, laptops and tablets are becoming more entrenched in the way we do business. If you are out on the road, or simply away from your desk, a portable charging unit can be a lifesaver – it’s like a spare battery you can keep in your pocket. Just plug in your device when it needs a power boost and you can carry on with your day as normal.


Smart technology


Smart tech can include lighting, heating/cooling, audiovisual equipment and really anything that plugs into a wall socket. You can use wall panels, mobile phones, tablets and even web browsers to access your smart tech products and set up routines to make sure that your site, specific rooms or offices are correctly lit and the temperature is just right.


Smart tech allows you to save money on energy bills, as well as to improve the accessibility of your technology – no more standing at the front of a meeting waiting for IT to set up a projector, or struggling to close the blinds to make the ambient light more effective for a presentation. Smart tech lets you do it all with a click of a button.


Charging lockers


These lockers serve a dual purpose – first, they allow you to keep your electronic devices safe and organised by locking them away in a dedicated storage compartment. Secondly, they recharge your devices ready for use when you retrieve them. You can find charging lockers designed for laptops, tablets and phones, or you can even get units that house and charge power tools and camera equipment, for example.


Electric vehicle charge points


You can encourage your staff and customers/clients to use environmentally friendlier electric vehicles (EVs) by giving them somewhere to charge up. We’re already seeing EV charging points popping up all over the place – get ahead of the curve and establish your green credentials now by becoming an early adopter. Also read>



Author Bio: First Mats started life as safety matting specialists, but have since expanded to become a complete industrial and commercial supplies company. The focus of First Mats is to provide safety-focused products that improve the wellbeing of staff through quality approved products, backed up by extensive knowledge.

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