Thu. Jul 25th, 2024
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Over 3.5 billion people worldwide owned smartphones by the end of 2019. Moreover, these smartphone owners spend billions of hours on their devices daily. Other research reveals that an average US adult spent 3 hours and 43 minutes daily on their smartphone in 2019. That means that they spent ten minutes more on their smartphones than they did on TV. 

This trend shows that mobile-friendly platforms offering Hulu news and other video entertainment are staging a steady coup. It’s no longer a matter of if or whether mobile devices will replace TV sets, no. Instead, it’s all about how soon traditional television will die. So, here are the four leading ways smart mobile devices are disrupting news delivery and consumption.

  • Better Delivery and Consumption Options

Online news platforms that optimize smartphones offer better delivery and consumption options. News lovers can choose to consume breaking tech news or current affairs by either streaming or saving their favorite episodes for later consumption. For instance, they may watch live news or consume it “stale” by steaming what their preferred news channels archived.

They may also download news sections they wish to store for their future offline use. This latter option lets entertainment and news enthusiasts consume their favorite news at their convenience. Moreover, it conveniently works if they wish to keep watching in zero or poor Internet coverage areas. 

  • No More “Big Media” Monopoly and Manipulation 

Mobile-powered video entertainment and Hulu news lovers are free from past domination. Formerly, the “big” news outlets “programmed” viewers and single-handedly determined when people could watch the news. Fortunately, breaking news is no longer a monopolized preserve of the big boys. 

Modern mobile technology empowers any news outlet with a powerful website to broadcast live. These tech-savvy platforms can cover the same live events without multi-million equipment. They have virtually deprogrammed and reprogrammed the conventional big media. Consequently, the “big” media houses now follow viewers to their favorite online “hangouts” to survive.

  • Get News Live and Now

Formerly, people watched tech and Hulu news when conventional broadcasters deemed it convenient. They covered news using analog cameras and sent tapes to the broadcast rooms for editing and airing. Thus, viewers waited until designated “news hours” to watch the news. Mobile telephony has erased that history and freed viewers to get live news online. Today, any hour is news hour.

  • News on the Go

Lastly, tech and other news lovers can enjoy their latest news on the go. No more do they need to rush home or other hubs during specific hours to watch the news. Mobile phones have conveniently placed the news in viewers’ palms and pockets. They only need a steady Internet connection to connect to their preferred news channels.  

The list could be endless, but these four pieces of evidence are enough. It’s clear that the once venerated TV box is fast racing to the technological archives. Mobile telephony is steadily replacing it and dominating the 21st-century news delivery and consumption.

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