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A great form of expression these days is film making. It is supposed to express your liberation, experimentation, and innovation. There are unlimited ways to set your shot at a scene and tell your story in different ways. There are some things that you have to look at when you’re just starting.

There are several concepts, ideas, tips, and tricks that will be helping you to make a good decision in your way of filmmaking. Just have a look at these major film making blenders which you may want to explore to better understand the art of your voice as a filmmaker. Bardya Ziaian Toronto has given you some advice you should definitely checkout.

Working with dirty lenses and sensors

This is very common negligence; this is why it’s our top priority. The lenses of cameras are made up of glass which happens to be dirtier more often. You have to regularly clean the glass of your lens to remove any kind of dirt, and it is glamorous until you want your shorts to look dirty.

Staying up all night before the shoot

Of course, there is the time that things get messed up, but you don’t have to be the one who is supposed to be taking care of things that day and night before the shoot. I have to get a good night’s sleep. Filmmaking is a difficult task without starting the day before sleep. If you take it without enough sleep, you will end up being exhausted, having difficulty making decisions, and losing the will to post for the best performance. Bardya Ziaian Toronto hears and writes what really matters to him.

Not feeding and taking care of your cast and crew.

Maybe you are paying your people the fullest rate or they are doing you their best. You are giving good food, but it is a long way in keeping the cast and crew happy. The film shoots are not supposed to be all day grazing first healthy snacks and fluids is a good idea, especially when the set and locations are in a hot climate. If any of your cast or crew members stepped, offset to find something to drink, this could bring a challenging situation for you.

Under or over lighting shots with poor setups

When you start a professional videography lighting is the most crucial part of your production, which makes you separate from mature or seasonal video makers. Just take your time to understand the setup of light for the scene properly because this thing will be a huge part of telling your story and adding depth to your shot.Bardya Ziaian Toronto office is an example of having full advantage of sunlight.

Incorrectly formatting and or exporting 

no matter if you are exporting yourself to YouTube or to a big screen, you need to be very much intentional with the export and format settings. There are many editing programs that have helpful presets which you might ignore, and you don’t know where to see. Using the presets are some very helpful resources.


There is some recommendation to help you set your film well without putting too much stress and work behind It. Although some people want to add this type of drama, it will cost you more money. You need to avoid all these errors. Just look at the example of Bardya Ziaian Toronto and make a list of what is suitable for you. Also taking care of food and transportation will be paying off with more and better shots and taking for more than it costs you more money.

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