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Top Mistakes that Bad Driver Make

Drivers are leaders, who lead their vehicles and passengers to destinations by choosing the best route. While drivers have a huge responsibility to ensure the safety of passengers, there are couple of things they often do wrong such as over speeding, turning on the wrong side, and ignoring the signal. Some drivers even find thrill in driving with one hand.

No matter what the habit, let us show you in this post what the top signs you are a bad driver are.

Driving Matters

Before the world saw the signs of the pandemic, commuting to offices and schools was a day to day activity for people. No matter which part of Australia you live in, driving could be the most stressful part of your whole endeavor. This is because drivers are in high demand. But how many good drivers you know who don’t show these top signs of bad driving?

Do you think you are a savvy driver? Think again.

1.      Not Parking Neatly

It is always hard to park a car neatly and nicely in a crowded space; it is not hard to spot a car that is not neatly parked. Parking is an art that can make other car owners furious or happy. You are also likely to make pedestrians unhappy and could end up running into trouble.

For instance, you could be fined to park a car at a wrong place. The price you may have to pay ranges to thousands of dollars. So, if you have already been involved in bad parking, then it is a sure sign that you are a bad driver.

2.      Riding the Clutch

This is a sure way to wear out the clutch prematurely. Some people love keep pressing their clutches that is a bad habit. Give you clutch a break and keep the foot off the clutch when you don’t have to change a gear. You will need your foot at a convenient position.

3.      Taxi Stops

Do you know somebody with a taxi foot? Well, this happens often when drivers put a lot of pressure on breaks and the vehicle suddenly comes to a halt. This is another bad sign that you are a bad driver.

4.      Making unnecessary Stops

When a driver makes too many stops, it means they don’t have the stamina to ride long distances. It also means that you don’t have much sense of using the brakes and fuel efficiently. Another top sign that puts you under the category of a bad driver.

5.      Holding the Steering Wheel in a Wrong Manner

When you hold and steering wheel in a wrong way, that means you are holding at a quarter to three position instead of ten to two position. That shows that you are bound to have a poor control of your vehicle. You can easily injure yourself or others in this event. So, be careful.

6.      Following Too Close

This means that you cannot understand the road problems and also creating problems for others. You cannot get to your destination much quicker, you settle down and back off.

7.      You have a Poor Observation

Driving is not only your test of endurance, but it is also a test of your mental strengths. That means if you are not able to drive intelligently and observe things from a long way back, you are not a good driver.

A good driver is always able to know a certain things from way back to avoid any sort of complication on the road. They make sure that their family members and all pets are safe while they are able to predict things.

8.      Are You Distracted?

Another way you can go wrong is being distracted by nearby distractions and sounds. Most drivers have a terrible issue with using smart phones in their cars. This problem is only growing in the world with a plethora of drivers listening to music and not paying attention to things around them.

There is a reason why some states have an offense on such type of drivers. Many drivers use mobile phones and put lives of passengers in danger. And that is not all from our sides, there are other sins drivers do that show their bad attitude towards driving. Let us shed light on them.

Worst Driving Sin of All

Such type of drivers is committing the worst sin of not taking responsibility for their driving and blaming everyone else for their mistakes. This shows that every time you drive lousy, you blame someone else for it doesn’t admit anything you do wrong.

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