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Top Most Followed Punjabi Celebrities On Social Media

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Top Most Followed Punjabi Celebrities On Social Media

are you in search Top Most Followed Punjabi Celebrities On Social Media? then you are in right place In today’s times, the use of social media has taken shape not just for the status symbol but as a necessity. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinkest, Tumbler, Google Plus and many such platforms have the power to put the whole world in one form. These platforms have proven their importance on various occasions.

Punjabi actors are also affected with the popularity of social media. All of top Punjabi actors are active on different social media sites. Let’s know which Punjabi singers are the most handsome and popular on social media sites:

Hardy Sandhu

hardy sandhu

Hardy Sandhu comes first in this list. He is one of the finest musicians of Punjabi songs. Hardy Sandhu wanted to become a cricketer in his life, but an incident took place in his life which led him to abandon his dream of becoming a cricketer, and after that he would sing many super hits through his strong voice. Their most popular songs are Backbone and Naah, each of them has seen more than 100 million views on YouTube.

Facebook:  100 million
Instagram:   1164 Followers, 127 Following
Twitter:  7 million

Jassi Gill

jassy gill
jassy gill

He has given many super hit Punjabi songs in his career, but his best songs are named Bapu Zamindar and Laden, which is still played on the occasion of the club or any wedding.

Facebook: 4.2 million
Instagram: 1.4 million
Twitter: 4 Lakh

Guru Randhawa

guru randhawa
guru randhawa

Guru Randhawa is one of the finest musicians of Punjab; his songs have overtaken many musicians and made big records in their names. He has given many superhit songs in his career but he had the biggest breakthrough with the Punjabi song Patola, where he worked with the King of Punjabi rap “Bohemia”. His most popular song on YouTube is ‘High Rated Gabaru’, which has been seen more than 250 million times, which is a huge record in itself.

Facebook: 3.4 million
Instagram:  4.3m Followers, 45 following, 840 Posts
Twitter:  5 million

Yo Yo Honey Singh

yo yo honey singh
yo yo honey singh

Yo Yo Honey Singh will be known to all of you. He is a singer whose songs get more than 10 million views within 24 hours. Their fun hairstyles are copied the most. He has given many super hit songs in Bollywood. He has also worked in Bollywood and Punjabi films.

Facebook:  30067759 liks
Instagram:  1.2m Followers, 97 Following, 119 Posts
Twitter:  7 million

Diljeet Dosanjh

Diljeet Dosanjh
Diljeet Dosanjh

Who does not know Diljeet Dosanjh today, his songs are super hit, but his films also make great earnings at the box office. He has also worked in Punjabi films as well as in Bollywood films. There are also millions of fans in India, not just in other countries.

Actor and singer Diljeet Dosanjh will be seen in the Punjabi superhero film ‘Super Singh’. Actor Diljeet, who was praised for his performance in the film ‘Flying Punjab’ in the year

Twitter: 1.7 m
Instagram: 2.5 m
Facebook: 5.3 m

Parmish Verma

Parmish Verma
Parmish Verma

Parmish Verma a Punjab-based model, director, actor, and singer. He is one of the most popular singers in the middle of youth and very much active on social media sites, especially on facebook. You can read more interesting facts & biography of parmish verma here.

Twitter:  1.5 m
Instagram:  2.3m Followers, 1 Following, 710 Posts
Facebook: 1719278 likes

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