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One of the most crucial aspects to consider while renovating your home or farmhouse is choosing the right lighting fixtures to add value and elegance to your place. However, it may not be easy to pick the best lighting features for your farmhouse.

The farmhouse lighting can positively impact overall décor, whether it is the living room, dining area, kitchen, or exterior area. These lights have an antique-inspired, warm, elegant industrial look. You can consider the material for light fixtures, including wood, metal, and glass. The combination of metal wood and glass offers an elegant and rustic look.

Are you searching for the perfect lighting features for your farmhouse? Let’s look at the factors to consider for choosing light fixtures for your space.

What to Consider while Choosing Lighting Features

1.      Consider Farmhouse Style

Consider lighting fixtures as per your farmhouse style to make it more modern. If you have a contemporary-style farmhouse, you can pick the light fixtures made from materials like galvanized metal, glass, and wood. However, bell-shaped pendants are more functional and createa lively environment. You can decorate your farmhouse with antique fixtures as well to add a charm.

2.      Choose Wall Lights and Sconces for Living Room

You can opt for wall lights and sconces for the living room in your farmhouse.You get avariety of color options to illuminate your living room with a pleasing décor element. Wall sconces or lights are a good choice since they can direct upward and downward too. Plus, these lightsadd an excellent touch and a comfortable feel. They also serve as task lighting,adding to the functionality of your living room.

3.      Add a Classic Touch with Semi-flush Mount

Do you like simple farmhouse lighting with a classic touch? Semi-flush mount farmhouse lighting is the best pick in this regard. It is the ceiling light that incorporates a metal shade and offers s classical look with warm metallic finishes. You can find numerous styles with different colors. So, it is easy for you to match it with the color combination of your space.

4.      Don’t Pick Oversized Light Fixtures

You have several options to choose lighting and chandeliersfor your farmhouse. The most important thing is to find the right fixture by measuring the space correctly. Light fixtures come in different sizes, like bulky or small. However, oversized pieces may not complement the overall ambiance. Make sure to select the light fixture that matches the décor.

5.      Fix Dim Lighting in Media Room

Your media room usually has LED or television, so such areas require fewer overhead lights. Dim lights are helpful to minimize glare on screens. Besides, good task lighting is preferable because it makes the room soft-colored. So, the best option for the media room in the farmhouse is to add soft, dim light fixtures.

6.      Measure Height of Dining Room Chandelier

Want to make your farmhouse dining room eye-catching? You can consider adding a chandelier to your dining room in this case. Make sure to keep the bottom of the chandelier about 30 inches from the top of your dining table. A brass and crystal chandelier is a great piece to add luxury style to your space. You can also place it at the entryway.

7.      Add a Light Fixture to the Entry Way

The exterior of your farmhouse creates the first impression. A dark entrance outside your farmhouse will hurt the overall appeal and ambiance. So consider installing exterior lighting fixtures by adding a sconce or matching lights.

There are numerous lighting options for the entryway to choose from, like pendants to make a style statement. Wall sconces are another excellent choice that offers a warm and soft glow. Moreover, you can add an LED strip lighting.

8.      Hang a Pendant Light

Pendant lighting is another excellent option for the farmhouse. It can create a comfortable environment. Besides, a Mason jar pendant is a popular choice for a modern-style farmhouse. It adds a unique element to your space. Besides, if you do not like a mason jar, you can select numerous options to add lighting to your farmhouse kitchen, living room, or dining room. The hanging pendant light looks pretty; it throws back over the sink and adds a perfect finishing touch.

9.      Install Brass Light Fixtures

Brass light fixtures can never go out of style—the brass and black pendant complement the look of your farmhouse kitchen. Brass is a hard metal made with a combination of zinc and copper. It is the best accent piece in light fixtures that look great with other décor items.

10.  Pick Recessed Light Fixtures for Ceiling

Here is another point to consider for the ceiling in the farmhouse. Recessed lights are the best option for the roof. These lightings may be costly and require enough time to install. However, these types of lighting are flexible and add asoft lighting touch to the ambiance.

11.  Match the Finishes with Appliances

Want to have a unified look in your farmhouse kitchen? In this case, one of the great ideas is to match the color of your lighting fixtures with appliances and other accessories. Besides, you can also match hardware with lighting fixtures.

12.  Install Crystal Chandelier with Wooden Ladder

The crystal chandelier light fixture offers an elegant and old-fashioned touch to the decor. It is one of the most impressive fixtures that merges with a wooden ladder and is the perfect pick for your traditional farmhouse. In addition, the contrast between crystals and the wooden ladder creates a charming look.

13.  Use Track Lighting Fixtures

Track lighting is a contemporary idea for the farmhouse makeover. The track light comes with lumber hang and strong metal chains that you can attach to the ceiling. Moreover, the track lighting complements the farmhouse style. You can install the light fixture in your kitchen by hanging it on the roof, and it incorporates multiple bulbs that create the perfect ambiance.


Farmhouse lighting sets the overall look of your space, whether it has countryside, cottage, vintage, or any other style and choose best lighting at Eyely. So, make your farmhouse well-lit by adding the right light fixtures.



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