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Try out these 5 creative ways to make better use of your old mobile phone for sale It happens with many of us when we buy a new mobile phone; we are totally confused about what to do with the older one. Many of us might have a pile of those old phones at our home since we were not able to get rid of it. It’s a bad idea to leave them around when you can use them for other useful purposes! An old mobile, even if broken could be used in a number of ways. Have a look at some of the effective ways in which you can make use of your mobile phones.

  1. Sell it
One of the most profitable ways in which you can make use of your old phone is by selling it. If this is your old phone but it’s not completely obsolete in the market, then give this old mobile phone for sale. There are various online vendors who buy older phones. Either way you can sell your old phone to the website or directly connect with your customers who are interested in buying. You might be able to estimate the cost of your phone through both of them. You can even use a middleman for your service like in a local shop that buys and sells old mobile phones. But certain things are to be considered when you are selling it.
  • Keep a backup of your data. Before giving your old mobile phone for sale, transfer all your important data into your new phone or any external storage device if you have not bought one. The transfer process in today’s smartphones is carried out very easily.
  • Remove your SD card before giving it up for sale. Or you are going to regret the lost for a long time. Since there is no need to give your SD card with your phones, it will be wise if you remove the card well in advance.
  • Perform a “factory data reset.” After making a backup of your data, go to your mobile setting and make a factory data reset to completely erase all the data( Hire app developer in USA)
  1. Donate your phones
Other than selling it, you can also pass it on to those who are in need of mobile phones but cannot afford it. There are various charitable organizations which take used mobile phones and raise money by reselling them to the customers. Just remember that you are not going to be paid for this. If you are not looking for any profitable outlets then giving your phone away in donation would be a better choice.
  1. Set it up for your GPS
If you don’t feel like selling or donating it, then use it as your GPS system, only if it is working properly. This will be truly useful if you travel regularly. It will save your current phone’s battery and life. Settle it up within your cars, as done by the cab drivers. Put a car phone holder and a charger that gets connected with the given port. Fix the phone and start navigation.
  1. Give it up for recycle
Our mobile phone is a combination of lots of metals like copper, silver which can be easily extracted and reused. But obviously a complete recycle can only be considered if your phone is broken beyond repair. For recycling, you can contact any recycling centre who takes in the unused or waste electric devices. This idea is much better than throwing it in the trash.
  1. Give it some other role
If you don’t feel like giving your old mobile phone for sale, or recycle it then repurpose its use. Use it as an alarm clock, remote control or add a new SIM and make it your residence phone. If the camera is good then, you can use it at your leisure. You can even use the number for those regularly incoming ads, and notifications send by the retailers. If it is broken and nothing seems suitable, then put your creativity cap on, decorate the model and use it as a paperweight on your work table. If you really want to make good use out of it, then dive in and try any of the above tips. You will really feel burden less after using your old phone in a better way. However, selling an old mobile phone at the websites like Togofogo is fair enough to get the complete and best worth of your smart phone]]>

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