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Marketing a restaurant is very important for attracting new customers and making sure they come back through your doors. However, we operate in a constantly changing business landscape and effective restaurant marketing can be quite the challenge while trying to keep up with day-to-day restaurant management.


For this reason, restaurant owners need to think outside the box and consider non-conventional methods of marketing. One such method happens to be mobile billboard advertising.


What Is Mobile Billboard Advertising and How Does It Work?


Mobile billboards are an incredibly affordable and convenient form of OOH (Out Of Home) advertising that can help promote a restaurant to thousands of potential diners.


Simply put, they are vinyl billboards or electric screens mounted on a truck and driven to specific venues or business districts as they display the ads to potential consumers in these locations. They are sometimes placed on busy intersections or places with a lot of foot traffic such as the beach.


Rather than rely on potential buyers to view a stationary billboard on the highway, a mobile billboard is always on the move, marketing the advertised restaurant to diners who may have never seen the ad were stationary.


Let’s take a closer look at how a restaurant can use a mobile billboard to get new visitors into their establishment.


  1. Timing and Location Is Everything


You need to be very strategic in terms of timing and location if you plan to drive your mobile billboard around the Pennsylvania region. You need to know where and when to have your mobile billboard truck to get as many eyes on your Pennsylvania advertising as possible.


For instance, if you offer a delivery service, sending your truck out in a place with high evening traffic as people make their way home might be all it takes for them to pick up the phone and make an order since they might be too tired to cook.


  1. Mobile Billboards Command Attention


Mobile billboards, by nature, are very appealing. They tend to stand out whether in traffic or parked at a busy intersection.

In the digital age we live in today, people want to see what they can expect from a business, and a mobile billboard might be enough for people to check out your restaurant. Therefore, you can quickly get new faces visiting your restaurant by displaying pictures of your best dishes.


  1. You Can Market Special Offers


Special offers are a strong pull when it comes to restaurant marketing, and a mobile billboard can help you market your unique deals and specials in real-time.


For instance, if you have a kids’ night on Fridays, you can have a billboard with the necessary copy, including images of families enjoying a meal at your restaurant. If you have a special event such as live music or game night that you might be hosting, mobile billboards can be a great way to get the word out.


Incorporate Mobile Billboards Into Your Pennsylvania Advertising Strategy


Pennsylvania is well-known for its fantastic restaurant scene and competition in the region can get a bit aggressive, especially in the summer when both residents and tourists are spending most of their time outdoors.


As such, a mobile billboard can be a great way of promoting your restaurant in the region. After all, you may not realize how attractive your restaurant can be to diners unless you give it a try.

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